Saturday, April 26, 2014

Random Images

For today's "Anything Goes Saturday", I am sharing some random photos (for lack of anything better to post). It'll just have to do!

I believe that this first photo is from somewhere in Wisconsin (based on some other images that were with it); It is undated, but probably at least from the early 1950's, if not earlier. I love this sleepy little Texaco station (faced in shiny white subway tiles). Even the gas pumps are cute. Quarts of oil are neatly displayed next to the Coca Cola sign. I'm sure that an attendant in a spotless white uniform would run out to fill 'er up, clean your windshield, and check your tire's pressure.

Now we'll head to Miami for an overnight stay at the Desert Inn. It looks so new and clean and "modern". Swimming pools were always a welcome feature during my own childhood vacations, and this large kidney-shaped example makes me miss the smell of chlorine.

I'm not sure if this photo (circa 1965) is from a county fair or local carnival, or even a traveling circus. But those painted signs fro the Monkey Speedway are pretty amazing. I can't help feeling sorry for the little monkeys strapped into those mini automobiles. And yet… I would probably part with 25 cents to see if the show really had monkeys driving race cars.


Nanook said...


It's images such as these that make one dream of a functional time machine.

And as for the HARRY AND BEA FEE'S
, evidently they were quite the sensation on the carnival and circus circuit. In addition to "Lucky Cheater" and "Mile-a-Minit Murphy" (seen on the right-hand edge of the banner), they also 'employed' "Barney Oatmeal" and "Hot Rod Hogan".

No doubt the experience was "a barrel full of...".

Thanks, Major.

D Ticket said...

That somewhere is Stoughton, Wisconsin. That is Bob Sorenson's Texaco at 903 West Main Street on Hwy 51 at Van Buren. There are remnants of the filling station still on that corner, but the hardware store across the street is now a Wells Fargo.

You can see it in this aerial photo, centre right:

Anonymous said...

The best thing about the first picture is that if you pulled up to those pumps someone would come out and "fill 'er up" for you, check your oil, clean your windshield, and treat you like a valued customer. Those really were the days.

K. Martinez said...

I remember going to the local county fair as a kid and visiting sideshows on the midway with signage like those in the 3rd image. The shows were always were a bit bizarre with a touch of horror.

@Anononymous, Yes, those really were the days. The full service gas station was great. You didn't even have to get out of the car. Also there were the blue chip stamps you could collect and put in your stamp books to take to the redemption center for merchandise.

Even movie theaters were more service oriented back with such things as the ushers w/flashlights, raffle prizes and the double feature. How the times have changed.

Nice randomness today. Thanks, Major.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I still remember my grandpa saying (jokingly) "Who do you think you are, Barney Oldfield?". And I would say, "WHO?"

D Ticket, the only way you could possibly know the location of that gas station is via witchcraft! Thanks for the amazing aerial photo of Stoughton.

Anon, sometimes you even got a toy for your kid with every fill-up. My dad used to bring home Hot Wheels from the local station.

K. Martinez, I do love those sideshow signs! Wait until you see some photos I have from a Ringling Bros. sideshow in the early 1950's! I remember blue chip stamps (and S&H Green Stamps), my mom still has some old Green Stamp books in her desk drawer.

Nanook said...


I think all of us has had a Barney Oldfield moment. If not one similar to yours, it would'a been the first time visiting (one of the) Marriott's Great America(s), and wondering where they got the name for their "speedway" - Barney Oldfield Speedway.

Irene said...

My husband and I both still have old blue chip stamp and/or green stamp books left over from our parents (and some from us too ;) )

K. Martinez said...

@Nanook - Yeah, I was thinkin' about the Barney Oldfield Speedway at Great America in Santa Clara. Back then you couldn't just go on the internet and look up Barney Oldfield. There were many trips to the local library to research my interests in those days.

Dave said...

Jesus jumped up Christ! Are those live monkeys sitting in those two cars?