Friday, February 12, 2016

Two Awesome Instamatics!

Oh boy, we're gettin' down to the bottom of the barrel of Instamatics that I've been sharing for so long. Why I keep them in a barrel, I can't really say. 

Here's a fun shot of the Delta Ramblers as they perform at the little stage over at the French Market. To this day you can listen to live music (if you time it just right) while enjoying your lunch. I will guess that they are playing "Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey?". 

This next example is a wonderful shot taken from the upper level of the Omnibus, looking toward Main Street Station. I really love this one! Somehow its looks like a still from a movie. It's neat to see the Horse Drawn Streetcar from this perspective; and it's fun observing the people milling around - notice the kid with his lemon popsicle (to the right) from the Sunkist shop.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Special Guest Photos - The Devlin Family - Part 04

Today I am proud to present more photos from the Devlin family collection! Normally I would be more parsimonious and only share two (or so) at a time, but these four worked together as a set. All of them are from April 23rd, 1960. 

As you can see, the family was over by the Submarine Lagoon; clouds seem to have rolled in, but that isn't going to dampen their spirits. Joe sits near the Kodak "Picture Spot" sign (while the Monorail passes by) while Patrick takes it all in.

Well, Patrick is done, he's ready for the next adventure (or at least a box of popcorn). Meanwhile, brothers Mike and Joe, sisters Mary and Susan, Tom (that's the back of his head), and mom (Mary Jo) marvel at all of these new Tomorrowland wonders, which had been in the park for less than a year - presumably this was their first time seeing all of the attractions that were added in 1959.

Here's Pat again... I wonder if the family had been on the Subs yet? He might have been trying to remember everything, or imagining what it would be like.

Here's Tom (who so generously gave me these photos!) appearing lost in his thoughts.  "This lagoon needs some mermaids!". The shallow focus gives this photo a sort of dreamy quality. 

There are more Devlin family photos to come!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

More Rediscovered Treasures - 1957

Today I have two more slides that I never scanned, even though others in the same lot appeared on this blog.  Go figure!

This first one is a nice oblique angle of Sleeping Beauty Castle (1957), though the day is a bit gloomy and gray.  Only five people are visible (one of them just). I like the couple near the wall, they look like they are on their way to a cocktail party. You can see the woman's earring from here. The two older ladies must have decided to come and check out this place that they've heard so much about. I believe that the roadway they are walking on  was used by the Omnibus back when it would head through parts of Fantasyland.

You know what? I have never noticed that dormer window on the castle to the extreme right!

I originally thought that this photo was taken over on the western side of the moat, but I can see some Skyway buckets through the trees. Perhaps I accidentally scanned the slide backwards? In any case, I like the colorful flowers, the picturesque little bridge, and two graceful swans.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

More Rescans - The Mark Twain

By now you know that I have been rescanning slides from the past in an effort to get better results. Today I have two featuring the Mark Twain, and I think they've turned out pretty good.

Here's one that was originally posted back in 2007; it's a moody shot of the Mark Twain as it heads past Fowler's Harbor into the great unknown. It's not bad, but it could be better.

See what I mean? There's blue in the sky, for instance. And things are just crisper and clearer. Look at the barren hills in the distance! That's right about where a certain new Land will be hatched.

This next one was posted in 2006, two scanners ago. That first one was a real piece of junk, as evidenced by the fuzzy image and too-warm color.

This one looks much more natural. I love the "racing" canoes, as well as the signs of construction going on over on Tom Sawyer Island. There are boxed trees aplenty. I think I see the top of the Burning Settler's Cabin peeking up over the trees, so presumably this was taken a bit further north compared to today's first photo.

Monday, February 08, 2016

More 1983 Fantasyland Construction

I'm continuing a look at some photos (probably from 1982) featuring the massive construction project that would result in the "New Fantasyland" that opened on May 25th, 1983.

This might be my favorite of the bunch, with a group of girls having a great time in their blue Skyway bucket. Below us is the Alice in Wonderland attraction, with a boxed tree and lots of pipes and fittings and other stuff. Monstro can just be seen beyond the Skyway vehicle. 

This next one is similar to others some that I've already posted; it's still strange to see the building to our left, where "Peter Pan's Flight" will be, as just a big empty structure. Tinker Bell's toy store will be to our right. just in front of the pickup truck (and porta-potty) is a rear view of the sign announcing the coming revamped land... you can see it in this post, and we'll get a better look at it next week.

There's only two more from this batch!

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Treehouse & Skull, August 1963

Here are two more scans from very faded (or over-exposed) slides... these were so blown-out that it took a lot of fiddling to try to make them presentable.

But it was worth it, if only for this view of the Swiss Family Treehouse! I loved that thing so much as a kid (and as an adult). Like the Nemo subs, I suppose I'd rather have the current "Tarzan's Treehouse" than no treehouse at all. Besides the fantasy of the original Johann Wyss story (which is a classic adventure tale), I always loved that it felt as if the Robinson family had just stepped out to tend to their crops or fight pirates while we looked in on their living quarters.

And here's the wonderful Skull Rock, with waterfalls aplenty, and green tropical plants and vines to help make it feel like that feature had been there forever. Monstro is to our right, and the "V" of the Richfield Eagle's wings can be seen just above his forehead.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Random Amusement Parks

I happened to have a few random scans of old amusement parks, and thought that they might make a fun "Anything Goes Saturday" post.

Let's start with this image from Lion Country Safari, in Palm Beach (dated April, 1968)! From this angle, the Florida version of Lion Country Safari looks rather flat and uninteresting, but I am assuming that this was located at the outer reaches of the park. Two young ladies pose next to a cutout of a native warrior - a bit tasteless by today's standards.

Next we'll head to Magic Mountain, in beautiful Valencia, California! This is from a slide dated "January, 1971". At this point the park had not yet been sold to Six Flags, though that sale would occur sometime in '71. In the foreground is a large bounce house in the shape of one of Magic Mountain's indigenous trolls (it was called the "Big Bloop Troll Bounce) while the "Metro" monorail passes by overhead. The BBTB survived until 1985, while the Metro stopped operating in 2001. I really loved that park in those early days, it had a lot of charm, and was clean and well-maintained, and not all about roller coasters.

This last one is from an unknown location, circa July 1963. It appears to be a carnival, featuring a wild mouse ("Mad Mouse") roller coaster, and one of those helicopter rides that were so popular. 

Friday, February 05, 2016

Two Beautiful Leftuggies

Today I have two excellent "leftuggies" (my mom's word for "leftovers"); or maybe they are "orphans", since they are all by themselves and don't have any siblings. 

We'll begin with this wonderful shot of the yellow Monorail (from a slide dated May, 1962) as it zooms toward the stop at the Disneyland Hotel. If you are having a strong sense of deja vu, it's because I had a very similar photo just about a week ago. But this one is even nicer! The blue sky really makes the yellow Monorail "pop". You can even see the little blue "Santa Fe" crosses. Love the old cars below, the back side of the sign for the Hotel, and even the view of the parking lot in the distance. 

There is a sporty white roadster in the lower left... does anybody remember reader "CoxPilot" (who passed away not too long ago) mentioning that he drove a 1954 Jaguar roadster? I had hoped that this might be his car, but the grille is all wrong (it might be a Corvette?). And then I found one of his comments on Daveland's blog describing it as dark green, so... two strikes. Rats!

This next one had an indistinct date stamp, but I believe that it says "3-78". Unfortunately it is impossible to decipher that complex numerical code, so I guess we'll never know. Anyway, it is a beautiful photo taken from the pathway up to the Fantasyland Skyway Chalet. Fantasyland looks so colorful and fun, with the snow-capped (always snow-capped!) Matterhorn overhead (Skyway buckets passing through). In just five years, the New Fantasyland would make its debut.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Special Guest Photos - The Devlin Family - Part 03

Today I am proud to present more photos, graciously donated to GDB from the Devlin family. Thanks, Devlin family!

In this first example, we see that it is time to rest some weary feet on a handy bench. I'm told that benches aren't as numerous as they used to be; maybe the theory is that "people who are sitting aren't spending".

So there is brother Pat, enjoying his box of popcorn. Save that box! Next is sister Mary, and then their mother, Mary Jo. In the distance is the Red Wagon Inn, and we can just see a bit of a Horse Drawn Streetcar through the foliage. It looks like it was a beautiful day... the color on these is really nice. 

This next picture is one of my favorites! Mary Jo is being a good sport with a rubber snake (certainly purchased in Adventureland) on her shoulder. The things moms put up with. I wonder what's in that very large merchandise bag? Or even the small one, for that matter? Something wondrous, no doubt.  Next to her is Judy, anxious to try out her Magic Pencil (it writes in many colors!). Tom Devlin's felt pennant swoops in from the top for a splash of added pizzaz.

And one more, featuring Mary and Pat; I believe that they are just off of the pathway on the west side of the castle... they could probably jump into the moat if they wanted to.  

I'll have more Devlin family photos coming soon!

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

The Mark Twain, August 1963

Say, I'll bet you've never seen a picture of the Mark Twain before! In fact, I'll bet a million dollars. 

Today I have two images from faded slides from 1963. This first one is pretty nice - for some reason this isn't an angle that we see very often, even though the steamboat is resting at the dock, while people mill around looking for a seat (or place to stand). Look at the size of that headlamp (or whatever it's called)... that thing is huge.

And there it goes, on its way around the Rivers of America. The top 2 levels are packed! The bottom level, not so much (except for the bow). Notice the blue/green construction walls to the left. The Haunted Mansion was built only months before this photo was taken, but (as you know) the ride itself would not open for many years.