Saturday, April 19, 2014

Vintage Kids!

Today we're going to enjoy some vintage photos of kids. I love pictures like these… somehow, even if they are from way before I was born, or in a place that I never visited, I can tie them in to my own childhood. Because it's all about me!

Here's a fun one featuring three girls from somewhere in Indiana, circa 1950's. They look so nice, but I wouldn't be surprised if they caused their share of trouble. Especially that one in the middle! I like her vest: very "Annie Hall". The girls appear to be right outside the school entrance. Don't go in there, it's full of nerds who like to read! I wonder if the dress on the right was home made, it has some interesting details, like the red ribbon pocket loops (or whatever they are).

Here are some kids frolicking at Mission Beach (San Diego), circa July 1954. I'll bet it was hot! But you've got the ocean, calm and waveless because it is in an enclosed bay (yes, Mission Bay). The only thing one has to worry about is electric sharks and poisonous eels. And they won't attack if you happen to be on an inflatable orange thingamabob.

I don't know where this photo was taken, but I do know when… 1953. This girl is loving her Radio Flyer wagon. Radio Steel and Manufacturing has been making wagons in 'Merica (Chicago) since 1917, and they are darn near indestructible! Take one up to the top of the steepest hill you can find, hop in, and careen out of control, "Calvin and Hobbes"-style! You didn't need those baby teeth anymore, did you?


Nanook said...

Oh, Major-

My mom promised that it's all about me! Now I'm really confused.

Personally I wouldn't give you a nickle for all three of those dresses in the first picture, but then again I'm not exactly an expert when it comes to 'couture'-!

And that last picture - I'd be a bit concerned about all that Radio Flyer love shamelessly on display. (Or is that merely bliss-?) And based on the white Xmas tree decoration on the house's front door, it could very well be a Christmas gift.

Thanks for these mid-century beauties.

Anonymous said...

That third photo says so much about the 50's - TV antenna (no cable or dish), single car garage (who has more than one car?), asbestos siding (don't chip that stuff), and I swear that front lawn looks painted!

Bill in Denver

Tom said...

I am drawn to that third photo also... the house looks nearly identical to the one I grew up in - the siding, the chimney, the nine-pane front window.

Love the vintage America! Keep 'em coming.

Snow White Archive said...

I miss my Radio Flyer!

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, why *would* you give a nickel for any of the dresses, your a man! Besides, I find the 1950s look to be charming, even if they aren't haute couture. And I think the girl in the last photo is drunk.

Bill in Denver, it does look like that weird green that you sometimes see when a fake lawn (or dead lawn) is painted. I wonder.

Tom, the house reminds me of the Minnesota neighborhood that my grandparents lived in.

Snow White Archive, what happened to it??

Melissa said...

Girl on the left looks just like my aunt, with her naturally curly hair and tan skin that made all the other girls jealous. (Including her own fraternal twin, my Mom!)