Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Special Guest Photos

Yo yo yo! Today I have four more photos, generously shared with us by Chuck Hansen. These are from a 1995 trip to Disneyland (see some previous images from that day HERE and HERE).

As usual, I will be using Chuck's own words to accompany the photos, since he did a better job than I ever could: "The first two are of that big steel-and-concrete structure built to protect Holiday Hill from further erosion. The first is a bit overexposed and slightly soft. I've included it for the view of the climbers on top but won't be disappointed if it doesn't make the cut". It made the cut, Chuck!

"The second one is a much better exposure, but I shot it about a half second too late - you can just see a climber rappelling behind an obscuring tree".

"The next two are of BTMRR, taken about a second apart. The first picture appears to present a quiet, almost pastoral scene with only a hint of the screaming mayhem that's about to occur. Interesting how pictures can convey a mode completely different from what the photographer experienced when there's no sound".

"The second image shows more action, although I wish I'd caught it a half second later. I am pleased to report I did not get any vomit on my while taking these pictures". Yes, that is something to always be grateful for!

Many thanks as always to Chuck for sharing these with the GDB community. There is more to come!


K. Martinez said...

Am I glad the first image made the cut! Such an iconic Disneyland image of Matterhorn Mountain behind the towering palm trees of the Tomorrowland entrance. Beautiful shot! Thanks, Chuck & Major.

Connie Moreno said...

Yay Chuck! I really like that first photo! The flowers and gorgeous and it seems so peaceful.

Melissa said...

I was all, "Wait, Holiday Hill was still there in '95? Didn't they bulldoze that to make way for the Matterh... Ohhhhhh." You are a funny guy, Chuck! Especially before that second cup of coffee!

The BTMRR pictures really convey a sense of wilderness that you don;t often get while you're riding.

Tom said...

Great pics! I've always been a bit ambivalent about BMTRR since it replaced my all-time favorite attraction, but I gotta admit the scenery is very nice and they nailed the theme. It's also nice that they were able to salvage Rainbow Ridge and some of the critters.

Nancy said...

Nice views today! I always like being near the windows of the BTMRR station at Disney World where we can see out over the ride and watch the trains go through the mining campsite

Thanks to Chuck for some great pics :)

Debbie V. said...

Now that I live east of the Mississippi - I've been to WDW twice - there is no Matterhorn. What were they thinking?

Chuck said...

Ken - I'm glad you like that first picture. I still wish I'd closed the lens down a couple of stops and sharpened up the focus a tad, but I do like that composition. And if it makes you happy, I guess I really don't have a right to complain.

Connie - Thank you! The flowers do make a difference, and I'm partial to red and white beds due to the Alice connotations. I'm not sure that corner is quite as peaceful since the 1998 Tomorrowland remuddling.

Melissa - Tee, hee, hee!

Tom - I miss NWRR, but I am glad they managed to save Rainbow Ridge and some of the animals and included an homage to Rainbow Caverns (and maybe an oblique reference to KBF's Calico Mine Train). And I do like the way they worked actual mining equipment into the queue area. My favorite "new" things that appeared with BTMRR are the vertical boiler locomotives used in "Hot Lead & Cold Feet," a fun memory from my youth.

Nancy - It's interesting to see how similar and yet how different the two North American versions of BTMRR are. I agree - the view from the MK's station windows do give you a nice preview of the ride and something to watch while you're waiting. There's also a pretty good view from the WDW Railroad.

And thanks for your kind comments.

Debbie V. - I know, right? I guess the idea was to make the parks unique.

I'm always at a loss to answer people's questions of "which is better - WDW or DL?" That's like comparing, well, not quite apples and oranges, but more like Red Delicious and Fuji apples. They're similar, and they both taste great, but they're different sizes and have different flavors.

I've read that there was a proposal for a Swiss pavilion at EPCOT, featuring a copy of the copy of the Matterhorn, but it obviously never got off the drawing board. Maybe if they'd had a Holiday Hill to start with...

Thanks again, Major, for letting me play!

Melissa said...

They could have had a Swiss Miss walkaround character!

Nancy said...

I had heard that as well about a Swiss pavilion. Too bad it didnt work out. EPCOT Center is my favorite place in the world (i mean the real world lol!)