Friday, April 18, 2014

Saxophone Quartet & Main Street, 1956/57

Today I have two nice Main Street photos (plus one zoom) to share with you. 1950's Main Street was the best! 

Well, the old Intimate Apparel Shop had gone bust (see what I did there?), and the China Closet moved in for what was to be a long stay. The Saxophone Quartet (dressed as Keystone Cops) has stopped by to play a tune or three. On this particular day they were experimenting with an all-sax version of Wagner's "Ring Cycle". (It's nice to see the Silhouette Studio next door).

That dad is checking out his son's reaction; the kid seems to be digging it! He will grow up to be… Kenny G!

Here's an unusual angle (from the Plaza Pavillion?) toward the INA "Carefree Corner", and to our right, we can see that Harry Truman just left the Coke Corner.


Pegleg Pete said...

Great pics today, Major. But, as we all know, Kenny G wasn't born to normal parents – he was created in a secret US government laboratory as a means of psychological warfare. Unfortunately, before he could be parachuted behind the Iron Curtain, he was accidentally (and tragically) released into the US population. Scientists have recently been testing a Kenny G-eating bacteria in the hope of at last neutralizing the nefarious effects of this experiment-gone-wrong.

Tom said...

Every day the conductor paces off the distance from the east curb of Main street to the west curb. He's convinced the street is getting narrower every day, but is establishing a body of evidence before he blows the lid off of this thing and exposes the truth that Disneyland is shrinking.

Either that, or he's being careful where he steps to avoid the horse pucky.

Melissa said...

The man in the foreground has his hat down over his face because he's just singlehandedly knocked over every item in the China Closet and the adjacent Glass Shop, and he doesn't want to be identified by the Sax Cops.

(The Sax Cops always reed you your rights.)

Nanook said...

The INA Carefree Corner "building" seems to be missing its sign, which leads me to believe this image may be from mid-1956. I beliee Carefree Corner opened in September, 1956.

K. Martinez said...

I like view of the patio area of the Pavilion before there was definition of the seating areas between the Coke Corner and Plaza Pavilion added with the wrought iron entry and railings. Nice post of the infant years of Disneyland. Thanks, Major.

Nancy said...

Very nice. I always liked this little storefront with the porch. :)