Monday, April 28, 2014

Snapshots, 1970

I am delving into another small lot of vintage snapshots, which I am guestimating are from around 1970, though they may be older. Since these are scans of old prints, they aren't as sharp or colorful as slides; but they are still fun.

Most visitors armed with a camera were compelled to take a photo of Main Street Station. This one isn't very exciting, though it is nice to still see the Santa Fe logo.

Here's a swell look at the E.P. Ripley. Engines #1 and 2 were built by the studio, which somehow imbues them with a bit of extra charm. Walt really wanted trains for his new park, and the originals were larger cousins to his Carolwood Pacific Railroad.

Whenever I see Donald Duck, I imagine him saying "Oh boy!". Because he did that a lot. Here he is, posing with a couple of blonde children. The one closest to us is trying to pick Donald's pocket, until he realizes that Donald doesn't have any pockets. Oops.

Hooray, Mickey leads the Disneyland Band. Does he know any other marches besides "The Mickey Mouse Club March"? The red pants are a good look, I gotta get me some. Is that person in the background (possibly a girl) wearing shorts and long stockings like kids did in the 1920's??

There are only four more pictures in this lot; stay tuned!


TokyoMagic! said...

That guest in the knickers and knee-high socks has arrived early for her "Newsies" 22 years.

Major Pepperidge said...

TokyoMagic!, "Newsies"…. I've still never seen the movie (it just didn't look like something I wanted to watch!), and have not seen the Broadway musical either (it still looks like something I don't want to watch). Is it any good??

Melissa said...


Philosophers have been pondering for decades why Donald Duck doesn't wear pants, and the Major has hit on it! No pants - no pockets - no pickpockets! It all makes sense! Especially for a sailor on all those crowded docksides full of shady characters.

Nanook said...

@ Major-

I wasn't a particular fan of the film of Newsies and have not seen it on Broadway. But I hear tell the Broadway production is quite something.

Nancy said...

Does anyone know if something particular, if anything, is housed or takes place on the upper floor of the train station?

We know that the Disneyland operator is on the top floor on Main Street, just suddenly wondered if maybe someone is looking out of those little windows at the person who took this picture!

Chuck said...

Nancy - the upper floor of the train station is where the primary magic generators are located. You take those out, and the place will look like a Six Flags park.

Nanook said...

@ Chuck-

Sssshhhh-! You're telling tails out of school.

Nanook said...

Uh-hum -

Make that tales-! Unless, of course, there are any mouses involved...

TokyoMagic! said...

Major, I haven't seen the movie, "Newsies" either! I'm not sure why I made that comment. For some reason, I had Newsies on my brain. Maybe it's the fact that they are doing a version of it on Broadway now. I think I would only go see the stage version if Christain Bale was in it and it involved him threatening and humiliating members of the audience.

Major Pepperidge said...

Melissa, Donald also enjoys the cool ocean breeze (he is a sailor, apparently).

Nanook, it's got music by Alan Menken, but even so, the concept didn't inspire me.

Nancy… I know I have asked the same question myself, but can't remember what the answer was. I think there might be some storage up there, but maybe someone else can say for sure.

Chuck, I think they don't run those generators as much as they used to.

Nanook… rules don't apply to Chuck!

Nanook again, you and your mouse puns.

TokyoMagic!, I would pay double to hear Christian Bale berating the cast and audience. I wonder if he manages to keep his temper under control now that there are phones to record every rant?