Thursday, April 10, 2014

Shapshots, 1976

Here are some more of those snapshots circa 1976; they're printed on that odd textured paper that was popular at the time. I hate it! But what are ya gonna do. These are not especially great, but it's something to post, so…

Main Street USA is a-bustle with guests. They've all shown up to ride Space Mountain, but they are nearly a year early. There it is in the background, still under construction. In fact, I think I see at least one worker on the conical roof. Note the signs celebrating the Bicentennial year.

Oof, the quality of these prints is not so good. Still, the flowers at the entrance to Tomorrowland are nice, as is the glimpse of the Mary Blair tile mural in the background.

In theory, I love a parade. All I can see from here is the tops of the Dapper Dans' heads, but that's good enough for me. My little brother had a pair of red jeans like the ones that kid is wearing (he also had some "harvest gold" jeans). Two girls share a wheelchair, which is odd.

That menagerie of crazy topiaries (seen from the Disneyland RR) is safely contained by the boxwood wall. Thank goodness. Nobody wants to be gored by a topiary bull.


Nanook said...

It's a well-kept secret the tops of The Dapper Dans heads are their best feature. So it would appear you had yourself a good seat for the parade.

Thanks, Major.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Cool post today. Sticking with the bicentennial theme this week.

Who is that black cloaked figure in the first photo closest to the camera? Is it the angel of death or a catholic nun? As a kid in grade school we often thought them one in he same.

Tom said...

There's something oddly soothing about the predominant seafoam green that these 70's photos seam to cling to.

Great angles! I especially like the composition in that second shot, with the posed group being beyond the flowers, but in front of the Peoplemover track. I'm trying to figure out what the shadows in the foreground are doing - climbing up a ramp?

K. Martinez said...

Looks like the Phantom Blot is on the lookout for Mickey Mouse in the first image.

These are absolutely awesome images today. If not for the quality then for the memories they evoke. I remember those exciting times in the first image with the bicentennial and Space Mountain under construction. For me, Disneyland was at its peak in 1970s. It's when I enjoyed it most and thought it was flawless.

Love that you can see the Skyway traveling over Fantasyland with the younger foliage making it more visible.

Thanks, Major.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, it was more about the mustaches, you have to admit!

Alonzo, I believe it is the Angel of Death. Even he (she?) likes the occasional day at Disneyland!

Tom, "seafoam green", the world needs more of that color today! That and burnt orange.

K. Martinez, note how the Blot seems to absorb all light. I'm glad you liked these, since I thought they were kind of crummy (though I like the Space Mountain construction). Stay tuned, I have better snapshots coming up!

Chuck said...

Tom - I think the Shadow People are standing behind a railing intended to keep guests off the grass.

I love how Space Mountain without its spires resembles a metallic Mt Fuji.

Seafoam Green is my favorite color that isn't some shade of blue or plaid.

Tom said...

K. Martinez: Epic Mickey reference! Now all we need are some spatters and a sweeper or two.

Omnispace said...

1976 was an awesome year to visit Disneyland. The only regret is that the Peoplemover was closed all year (notice no trains on the track). But that was okay because it was soon going to take guests through Space Mountain!!!

There's nothing wrong with the film. It's been scientifically proven that the 70's were more earth-toned than other decades.