Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Adventureland, 1956

I love this first shot showing an early Adventureland. Anybody need a hat? Or perhaps a woven handbag? Buy a handbag and put a hat in it. GENIUS! Guests are headed to the souvenir stand (I see Keppy Kaps! And a rare and wonderful paper fan) that sends your gifts and fruit anywhere. I'm more interested in an ice cold drink. Not soda either. Maybe a nice orange juice or grape juice (Welch's, I'll wager). Or perhaps a Carnation ice cream bar, perfect for a hot day.

Nearby, a Jungle Cruise launch returns to civilization, although they lost three or four guests along the way. Plenty where they came from!


Anonymous said...

wow! A 15 cent ice cream bar.

Anonymous said...

According to the CPI calculator, 15 cents in 1956 is the equivalent of $1.29 today! Can you imagine getting an ice cream bar in the park for $1.29! An ice cream bar is now closer to $4.00.

Melissa said...

Want to buy a sombrero, made of real fine straw?
How about a nice handbag, for your pretty mama?
If you had wings,
If you had wings,
If you had wings, had wings, had wings, had wings, had wings...

(Sorry, WDW nostalgia kicked in for a minute there at the mention of straw hats and handbags.)

I hesitate to call that beautiful wine-colored headscarf in the center a plain old babushka, the wrap and tie is so pretty. The market itsels is absolutely enchanting; Animal Kingdom is the only modern park I can think of where you'd seea display of not-obviously-character merchandise like this today.

And what a nice, peaceful day on the Rivers of the World! I can practically hear the water lapping on the sides of the boat.

Melissa said...

"And over to port you'll see certain death, named after Dr. Albert Certain."

K. Martinez said...

And to think they brought back the boathouse back in the 1990s.

@Melissa - WDW nostalgia works for me. I remember that attraction with much fondness.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

We will be pushing 100 here in Phoenix today. I have a dollar in my pocket. I'd like 6.5 ice cream bars please.

Hey Anonymous what does the CPI say about an average ticket book in 56' versus single day one park today. Probably just as gross.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Update. 1956 unlimited use ticket was $6.00 and CPI says $51.79 today. Far less than the $92 for 1 day-1 park admission. Ouchie.

Tom said...

They had unlimited use tickets? I missed out on so much...

Alonzo P Hawk said...

@Tom, Not used but for special groups/events but best comparison to todays unlimited use ticket.

Found an example here at Vintage Disneyland tickets. Here

Actually 1957 but close enough for government work.

Snow White Archive said...

Wonder if that tree is still there.

Major Pepperidge said...

Anonymous, what the world needs is a good 15 cent ice cream bar!

Anonymous, it's true, when you allow for inflation, a lot of the good deals aren't so good; but as you pointed out, $1.29 is a great deal, especially for Disneyland.

Melissa, I will have NO Walt Disney World songs here! ;-) And I almost made a babushka comment, but wasn't sure if that headgear counted as such.

Melissa again, you have no idea how often I have to restrain myself from making a "Doctor Albert Whatever" comment!

K. Martinez, do you know WHY they brought the boathouse back? It doesn't serve any function, does it?

Alonzo, you need to treat yourself to ice cream, who cares what the cost is. 100 degrees is miserable for April.

Alonzo again, remember that the park had a lot less to offer in 1956….

Tom, they had all kinds of tickets back in the day, depending on special (or short-lived) offers.

Snow White Archive, maybe it would show up on Google satellite view?

K. Martinez said...
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K. Martinez said...

Major - Remember when the old thatch covered queue for the Jungle Cruise used to run up to Swiss Family Treehouse?

I think the boathouse was built to remove that old queue to allow entry access for the then new Indiana Jones Adventure which was placed in between the Jungle Cruise and Swiss Family Treehouse. It also provides for a more entertaining queue with the various props and photos contained within the structure as well as free up needed space for the cramped Adventureland walkway.