Saturday, April 12, 2014

Mystery Photos

Hoo boy, I am waaaay behind on my blogging. What the heck am I going to post for today's "Anything   goes" Saturday?? 

Well, I went through my miscellaneous scans, and decided that my brilliant readers might be able to help me to identify the locations of some subjects. But BEWARE! These are especially tricky, and may cause madness to those foolhardy enough to attempt such a thing.

This first one is kind of neat; a road segues into a long uphill climb, part of an unknown bridge to... someplace. This might be in Florida, since I seem to wind up with lots of slides from there - plus there's the palm trees. The house to our right needs a fresh coat of Sateen Duraluxe paint, but the clean laundry is hanging in the sunshine to dry. I'll bet the driver of that automobile is thrilled to be behind that loaded truck.

There aren't many clues in this photo; the ferry boat looks pretty standard. But neat! And we sure don't get much in the way of landmarks. Who recognizes that stumpy pier or that featureless gravel parking lot? The highlight for me is that red station wagon with "Phillips 66" emblazoned on the side.

Hmmm, can this be a scene at some university, perhaps? It has a "back East" vibe to it. The tiny sign out front is illegible, unfortunately. Why would somebody take a photo of this building unless it had some dark and bloody history? Maybe this is where Benjamin Harrison first played foosball. I sure do love that two-tone, red and white car. I'm going to have my rich daddy buy it for me, because he buys me anything I ask for! 


Nanook said...


Outside of the red/white beauty - that'd be a 1955 DeSoto, I can be of little help. But the images are still very interesting.

Thanks, Major.

Anonymous said...

The palmetto trees and the run-down houses make me think South Carolina. Maybe this is the old Cooper River Bridge in Charleston.

K. Martinez said...

I absolutely love the first image. Perhaps everyone was on their way to work. There's the men on the truck's flatbed perhaps being transported to a job site. The man and woman at the street corner might be conversing while waiting for a bus. Then there's the lone guy standing between the left side of the bridge entrance and a sign. I also love the laundry hung on the clothesline from the houses and the cat's cradle of power lines above. Awesome photo.

Did these come together in the same batch? Or are they just totally random pulls? That might help in identifying. These have a "river" feel to them. Other than that, I haven't got a clue.

D Ticket said...

It sure looks like the Cooper River Bridge, or rather, the John P Grace Memorial Bridge built in 1929, and this looks like it was taken from the western end on Hwy US 17. The Silas N Pearman Bridge was added parallel to it in 1966 (long after this photo was taken) and both were replaced by the Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge in 2005.

Dave said...

I believe the last picture is the "Silas P. Johansen" home for the criminally insane in Falls River VA.

I could be wrong though, since I just made that up.....

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, you're doing better than I could do!

Anon, thank you, I found an image of the old Cooper River Bridge (after seeing your comment), and it sure looks like a contender!

K. Martinez, I love that one too. No, these are all just random selections from my box of saved slides, so there's no way of logically figuring out their locations.

D Ticket, you always have the best info when it comes to these things! And the first picture was the one I was most interested in learning about.

Dave, "Silas" is just a cool name. Give a kid that name and he pretty much automatically becomes an inventor.

Chuck said...

As a former Charlestonian, my immediate reaction was the John P. Grace Bridge as well.

As a completely irrelevant aside, the Grace and Pearman Bridges can both be seen in the background in the 1984 sci-fi film "The Philadelphia Experiement."