Monday, April 21, 2014

A Trio of Instamatics!

Happy Monday, everyone! To counteract "Monday malaise", I am sharing some fun vintage Instamatic pictures.

This first one is my favorite of the bunch, it's a very nice shot of the Frontierland Shooting Gallery. A Frontierland without guns is like a day without sunshine. Looks like most of the guns are in use, as far as I can tell it's all males. Women are much too civilized! I know that I always enjoyed the challenge of trying to hit those moving targets; and I especially loved the targets that triggered some sort of animation, such a skunks getting ready to spray.

This one was in bad shape, scratched and dirty; I spent a lot of time (too much, maybe) trying to get it into usable shape, and it looks OK, if a little weird. But I can't resist a mid-1960's view of the Autopia (can anybody tell if this is the Fantasyland Autopia or the Tomorrowland version?). Look at all of those cool little cars! It must have been a slow day, with so many miniature autos not in use.

And finally… nothing too exciting, though I am always happy to see Cascade Peak. The Mine Train was just passing by, and I'm sure Mr. X could feel the cool spray of mist on his face. Imagine the roar of the tumbling water, and you're practically there!


K. Martinez said...

That's Fantasyland Autopia in the 2nd pic. Beyond the rails would be the Motor Boat Cruise waterways.

I agree about the 1st pic. It's a gem and one of my favorite areas of Frontierland. Nice set today. Thanks, Major.

Melissa said...

At first I thought the second picture was just the parking lot, because of those beautiful scale-model light poles.

Then I saw the big guy in the little car and realized it was either my Dad in his MGB convertible or a shot of the Autopia.

These are all great, and your work on the first picture is seamless; I can;t see where it's been retouched at all.

Tom said...

That first shot is a beauty, a real keeper.

And that's a great angle looking up the falls on Cascade Peak.

Melissa said...

As long as you're enhancing a picture, you might as well throw in a few babushkas.

Nancy said...

Beautiful colors in the first shot...loving the sunny day!!

Thanks, Major :-)