Saturday, July 06, 2013

Tahquamenon River Trolley, Michigan

If you happen to be visiting the upper peninsula of the great state of Michigan, you might want to head over to Soo Junction to take a ride on the "Toonerville Trolley". Named after the beloved trolley seen in the long-running (1906-1955) "Toonerville Folks" comic strip by Fontaine Fox, this scenic railway started touring the Tahquamenon River area way back in 1927. The 5.5 mile trip takes visitors through thick forests full of bear, meese, deer, and rare white snozzles.  

I love today's photos (late 1950's, I would wager) showing the colorful rolling stock; the train looks like a giant toy, which is apt since there were so many toy versions of the comic strip version of the Toonerville Trolley. As you can see, thee seats are basiclly simple wooden benches, much like one would find in any park.

Once you have completed your trolley trip, you can board a boat that takes you on a narrated 21-mile trip up the river to the beautiful Tahquamenon Falls. The official website sez: The Captain gives commentary on river history, Indian lore, and points out any wildlife that is spotted along the way. Then stopover for a nature hike (5/8 mile) through virgin forest to view the mighty falls. 

I would totally do this! TOTALLY.


Nanook said...

I would so TOTALLY do it, too - just so long as "Ma" & "Pa", seen in the last picture, accompany me on my journey. (Or is that more-likely "Pa" & daughter-??)

Thanks, Major.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

As Crush dude would say. That looks totally righteous dude!
I would do any train ride with a description like that.

Look at the guy in the first picture. He heard that the hike goes through "virgin forest" and has a totally different kind of enthusiasm. Can't wait to get off the train and slides right under the safety bar! Hooligan. Imagine his disappointment when he finds out it just means "trees" and not what he was thinking.

K. Martinez said...

Looking at photos in the link provided it appears they took a tip from Disney and remodeled the passenger cars to be more enclosed for safety. Love the multi-colored passenger cars.

Snow White Archive said...

I've actually visited the Tahquamenon Falls. Quite a stunning north woods feature.

Would have enjoyed riding the Toonerville Trolley in its day.

Chuck said...

We are headed to the UP later this summer. may need to check this out.