Sunday, July 21, 2013

Flying Elephants, 1957

Wheee, we're havin' fun on Dumbo's Flying Elephants! Ordinarily I would frown upon a pink hat, but that color really suits Dumbo's clone. 'Round and 'round they go, under a bright sun, and blue sky.

Wait, what was about the bright sun and blue sky? I jinxed them, and should have never said anything. Just like I should never say, "Wow, the freeway is really moving great, we're making excellent time!". Jinxes it without fail.


K. Martinez said...

Pink hats, purple hats, blue hats green hats. It's all good to me. The yellow trim on the fence railing adds greatly to the image. Now if only those "mechanical" ears had done their thing. Nice images. Thanks for posting.

Nancy said...

Pretty cool. Seems odd to me to see the older version where there were less Dumbos than we see today :)

I noticed the yellow trim on the fence, too. Makes it nice and sunshiny even if it is cloudy!

Melissa said...

I did a little pinkering with the pink hat:

Major Pepperidge said...

K. Martinez, you'd think that they would be able to get those ears to flap these days. On the other hand, why spend the money when the ride has long lines even without the flapping ears.

Nancy, there was definitely more room between Dumbos in the old days.

Melissa, now that I have seen your "pinkered" picture, I want one of those hats! They need to sell those at the park.