Sunday, July 07, 2013

Random Sunday

It's time for a little "housecleaning"; I'm going to sweep out the dust bunnies and remove some cobwebs, and throw out that giant bag of Confederate money that I found above the bedroom closet. And I'm going to share some scans that have been sitting around, eating my food and running up my phone bill. They have to earn their keep!

As I continue to scrounge through old previously-ignored slides, I keep coming back to this little family's photos. And while this one had turned an unpleasant pink, I still loved the fact that it was a rare night photo of the beloved Carnation milk truck. It's hard to tell, but the kid is wearing his souvenir Donald Duck "squeaky" hat.

This next photo is from September 1976, and is taken from right about where that kid was in the first picture. We are looking past some faux flowers at the Century Clock Shop, which is where the Upjohn Pharmacy had been until 1970. The clock shop opened in 1972.

And finally, a look at Tom Sawyer Island and "Castle Rock", looking very raw and new in this undated photo. Look at all the kids and grownups enjoying themselves!


Nanook said...


Some nice images - especially the Carnation Ice Cream truck and 'barren' Tom Sawyer Island.

However, I'm interested in learning more about the "little family's photos". Just how 'little' are they-?

Chuck said...

Tom Sawyer originally imagined...

K. Martinez said...

Raw and new Disneyland makes for really cool photos. For me it's when Disneyland had that sense of wonder feel to it.

Melissa said...

I want to be as happy as that kid driving the milk truck!

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, the family is only 3 apples high, just like Smurfs.

Chuck, TSI needed just a few years to become lush and beautiful, but the bones were all there.

K. Martinez, I often wonder if young children today have that same sense of wonder; I hope so.

Melissa, I want you to be that happy too!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a wonderful picture of the Clock Shop. That era is right in the center of "My Disneyland". I missed the Pharmacy, but the old clock shop was cool too.

The photo angle looking back through the flowers is fresh and different, everyone photographed the flower mart "looking in", so few ever turned around and looked back out. I really loved this part of Main Street back then.

Thanks Major.