Monday, July 15, 2013

Monorail Snapshots

Uh oh, I just found a receipt for some snapshots that I forgot to pick up at the Photomat! Luckily, they still had them in their tiny store even though it had been nearly 50 years. (I tipped the employee a  buffalo nickel for excellent service).

Ooo-eee, how can you not love this view of the Monorail (from sometime in the mid-60's) as it sits at the Disneyland Hotel station? Or maybe it has just gotten under way. Love the tram too. It's all about the love today.

Here's a more recent view (and by that I mean circa early 1970's) - note that the Monorail is now the "Mark III" version, with the distinctive side windows. The Mark IIIs were in use from 1969 all the through 1987.


Nanook said...

"...just gotten under way". Don't you mean - 'about to finish moving forward to the loading platform'-? Hmmmm.

Eric said...

Monorail Red is arriving at the Disneyland Hotel. That's the back end.

Nancy said...

Monorails ALWAYS make me smile! :-)

K. Martinez said...

Love the shot of Monorail Blue. Of all the Disney monorails, the Mark IIIs were my favorite.

Tom said...

Holy guacamole! That first pic is wonderful! It's got monorail motion, tram motion and a decent chunk of the hotel itself. Excellent!

I have to throw my money in with K. Martinez - the Mark III style was the best.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook and Eric, D'OH! Ha ha, maybe I need to pay more attention next time?

Nancy, me too!

K. Martinez, for some reason I have relatively few shots of the Mark III, even though they were in service for many years.

Tom, I particularly like that one too. These snapshots were part of a huge bunch of photos given to me by a friend, I am so grateful to him.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff today, Major.



Major Pepperidge said...

No problem, JG!