Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tickets & Toads

I've got two rather random images for you today, leftovers of a sort. But still worth a look! Like this nice colorful view of the old ticket booths, circa August 1960. Looks like it's midday judging by the overhead sun. The line is... well, there really IS no line; maybe everybody is already inside!

Here's a closeup of the ticket prices. Admission and 15 tickets, under five bucks for an adult. You were still considered a child up to the age of 11, and a "Junior" until you turned 18! Servicemen (in uniform) and Clergy were also admitted for the price of a Junior's ticket. Under 3, get in free (except for the Carrousel, Pack Mules, and Junior Autopia).

Yep, that's about how Fantasyland looks when I'm there! Arg, that's gotta be at least a 30 or 40 minute wait for SeƱor Toad. Maybe longer, those queues are deceptive. Just when you think you're almost there, you find yourself walking away from the load area. And "Peter Pan's Flight" looks just as bad!


Viewliner Ltd. said...

Fantastic Beauties. I believe the first pic was taken at around 2:10 pm. Judging by the clock on the station. :-)

Major Pepperidge said...

Ha ha.... D'OH!

Anonymous said...

Great photos. You know, as pricey as Disneyland is today, I'm sure glad it's a non-ticket system. I'm the type that likes to ride Haunted Mansion 3 times and Big Thunder 4 and yet also soak in all the smaller adventures like Mr. Toad. I love that once I'm in the park I don't have to decide which rides I'm willing to pay for.

Great views of Fantasyland!

Brer Dan

CoxPilot said...

I agree with Brer Dan, but I kinda with there was a two part system. One price for all the rides, and one price just to get in and walk around and eat and shop. Many times (back in the days when I worked there and got in free) I would use my day off to do just that. It was very enjoyable to sit on the benches by the river, or relax in Coke Corner, and there was some kind of live music in almost every place. And, of course, there was Big Band Night.

Nancy said...

just last week at Magic Kingdom i said to Rachel i wish there was an admission ticket that would just let you into the park to eat and shop and sightsee, and you would get the wristband if you paid for the ride ticket (they have done away with the wristbands at Kennywood here in Pgh, and it was a very sad day when we went to the school picnic and DIDNT get one!)

i love the image taken from the ride looking over Fantasyland...a very cool view :)

i was also thinking about how disheartening (esp on a really hot day) to see the line OUTSIDE the building, knowing how long that means the line is INSIDE :(