Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Skyway & Tomorrowland, August 1960

Boy howdy, I sure do love me this first picture! "Colorful" is a good word for it. Much better than "crunchy", although it is definitely crunchy too. The blue sky, the Skyway buckets in warm shades of orange, copper and yellow, the blue Monorail below, the still-new Matterhorn (looking especially nice here), and just a bit of the Alice in Wonderland attraction... this one's got it all! Unless you wanted a photo with a sign in it, in which case this one doesn't have it all.

Tomorrowland is crowded, looks like it's time to start making some dee-licious soylent green. To the left is the pylon where The Yachtsmen often played. Towering above it all is the TWA rocket. I am going out on a limb and guessing that the wind sock is from the Flight Circle, but it seems awfully far away. Maybe it is over the Flying Saucers?


Graffer said...

What was the seating configuration in the old round Skyway buckets? I have never seen a pic of the interior of a round bucket. Was it two molded chairs or a single bench facing the door? I know that unlike the square buckets, the round ones had a center pole that appears to obstruct the interior space.

Chiana said...

*munch *crunch

Mm. Lively! Look at all the motion. Talk about a window into the past, these are very vivid! Living Presence, "You are there." Lady in her super spiffy spotless white shirt pointing things out to significant other. Next lady back with luggage... and is that three people in the same bucket behind her? Lotsa mono fans on the mono rail and everywhere.

That freshly minted mountain, under the yellow bucket in front; doesn't it look kind of like a skull face to it? Boy Tomorrowland is packed too!

Neato Maj, thanks again for these snaps!


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Awesome photos! Thanks! Mmmm Soylent Green, brings back fond memories... "its people!!!!".....

CoxPilot said...

The wind sock IS on the Flight Circle. The Yachtsmen's tower stage was almost in front of the Yacht Bar, around the corner from the Art Corner and across from the Sub Ride. So, the photographer is quite a distance from the circle and the rocket. You can see the same thing in some of the Flight Circle photos on Daveland. Just covered up by the sun shades is the gold thimble, the "Thimble Drome" logo symbole of the Cox company.

outsidetheberm said...

Wow, that top shot looks like a postcard. It's so nice.

For graffer, there were two molded fiberglass seats in each bucket. Facing outward - pole between them. If you look at the yellow bucket on the right, the two occupants are turned around in their seats. You can see the curving seat backs under their arms.

Major Pepperidge said...

Thanks to Outsidetheberm for the info about the seating. I certainly had no idea, but could have made a guess (which would have been wrong)!

Thanks to Coxpilot too, and to Chiana for the always entertaining comments!

Oh heck, thanks to everybody!!

Nancy said...

these pictures are beautiful! so colorful and a perfect day

looks like lotsa ppl were munching at the Space Bar :)