Monday, October 13, 2008

Golden Horseshoe Staff, '65 & '68

Happy Columbus Day! Today (by special request), Speedy the intern was asked to choose the photos, and I think you'll agree that he did a swell job. He picked two fun pictures of the helpful and always-smiling waitresses (and one waiter) from the Golden Horseshoe Revue.

This first one is from August 1965. They look like they could be mother and daughter! Hubba hubba, the girl on the left is about as cute as you could ask for. She's wearing a corsage, maybe she's going to the prom! The striped corsets are very 60's, reminding me of everything from "Mary Poppins" to the television show "The Wild Wild West" (which premiered a month after this photo was taken). Plenty of bags of Frito's corn chips are on the bar to the right. (Hey Klondike!)

Thank goodness there was always lots of ice cold Pepsi Cola to go with 'em. I liked to pretend it was whiskey.

Now we move on to July 1968. The girl's costumes haven't changed too much, but the hairstyles have. I defy you to find three more all-American, Disney-type kids anywhere! Since this was July, I'm guessing that these were just some of the many local youths who sought summer employment at the happiest place on earth.

Thanks again Speedy! You've earned your official beanie; wear it with pride!


Chiana said...

yay Speedy! hehe

So that's why the lines stayed long while they went on playing the same ol' show all those years. The babes! Mm!

Pretending the soft drinks were hard eh? They could use the tap water around here, it makes any drink a hard drink. But there at Slue Foot Sue's joint, you could have a sugar charge and of course if you drink it wrong enough, Pepsi can fight back too!

Cute pics. That Golden Horseshow Revue brings a smile just to think about. It's easy to see how they enjoyed doing that show. It comes through even on the episode of the TV program that featured it. Enjoy the video every time. The dancing ladies had the prettiest underwear in the park and were able to show them off a bit at regular intervals right there in Disneyland. The saloon is beautiful with rich whites and gold covering a great space. The humor was involving and fun. The music was wonderful. What a joyful creation.

TokyoMagic! said...

Last time I was in the Golden Horseshoe was a couple months ago. It was in the evening and it was open for counter service only. There were huge lines with only two people behind the counter taking orders. I had some very greasy fish and chips that we ate inside, although most people were getting food to take outside and eat while waiting for Fantasmic. The tables and chairs were all strewn about and dirty and the place looked rather sad with nothing going on on the stage. Very sad.

Davelandweb said...

What wonderful and rare images - nice job! Great to see that painting over the bar which is still there, or at least the last time I checked it was.

Anonymous said...

There was a pride in working at Disneyland the years that I was there...and it showed. Enjoyed talking to "the babes" and the showgirls in the break area between Adventure and Frontierland. They were just as pictured.

Nancy said...

the younger girl in '65 looks to be celebrating something, a birthday perhaps? like their fishnet stockings, too. also of note, the first two lovlies had no name tags...maybe they were going off stage and getting ready to party! nice pictures today :D

PTA Transit Authority said...

Details are everything when it comes to Disneyland for me! Very cool!

OldMiner said...

I know what you mean Tokoyomagic. I went in to the Horseshoe in the evening when I visited in the summer. Frankly, it was a depressing atmosphere. It seemed like the lights were sort of low and there was trash on some of the tables. No music or anything to brighten the place up. They shouldn’t just turn it into a snack bar when there is no show. Or, if they must, at least try to brighten up the mood a bit. I can think of all sorts of fun things they could do there. Needs some Disney magic!