Monday, October 27, 2008

I Heart the Jungle Cruise

It's time to give some love to the Jungle Cruise, which is all-too-neglected on this blog. I love it, but so many photos are just like the last. However, I get a kick out of these particular views because they give you a sort of "guest's perspective" from 50 years ago.

Like this one, which appeals to me for reasons I can't quite explain. You can't see much of the scenery (except for Schweitzer Falls) or the boat, or even the boat's pilot. I suppose it is that feeling that "you are there"... what else could it be?! I think I see 3 souvenir hats. My mom used to have one very much like the flowered example to the right, and she always told me that she bought it at Disneyland. I didn't believe her, and laughed. Laughed, do you hear? By the way, anybody have a guess at what that arm is pointing toward?

What kid didn't wish that HE (or she) was steering the boat?? Especially when the pilot spun the wheel really fast to avoid various obstacles. Here we are looking over the pilot's shoulder and the controls (looks like a Chris Craft!) towards the ruined monkey temple guarded by hungry crocodiles. Who knew that crocodiles were so protective of monkeys?

Most people remember the elephants, giraffes, giant pythons, tigers, gorillas, and head-hunters, but few remember the savage Jungle Duck. This duck is known for his ferocity and ability to spit poison up to 20 yards. Aieee! My eyes! And they can change colors to match his surroundings - - if they want to. This animatronic wonder was so terrifying that he was removed after only a year or so. The figure gathered dust in a warehouse next to the Hatbox Ghost until they both vanished into history (along with the Ark of the Covenant).


Viewliner Ltd. said...

The "DUCK" rules. Great pictures.

Todd Franklin said...

I'm glad that duck is gone from the ride because I bet I would have nightmares from the little quacker!

Katella Gate said...

For all the poorly composed, badly lit pictures from Disneyland, the first one makes up for them all. Even though it's an "accidental" shot, the composition and light balance are almost perfect.

Chiana said...

Fun! Makes me wanna ride me a riv... er, take a jungle cruise right now.

Kurt C said...

“gathered dust in a warehouse next to the Hatbox Ghost until they both vanished into history”
That one REALLY struck me, I’m JUST BUSTIN! There must be some recompense for you knowing that people are still getting a kick out of some obscure quip you made five years ago.
*Monkey Cage Kurt, still traveling along*

Major Pepperidge said...

I'm glad you're still chugging along, Monkey Cage Kurt!