Sunday, October 19, 2008

Entrance to Frontierland, April 1957

Looks like it was another gloomy day in 1957! Here we have to views of the entrance to Frontierland. The castle's normally-cheerful pastel colors can't liven things up much. I wouldn't be surprised if it snowed! Well, maybe a little surprised.

The tree stumps are still outside the stockade, evidence of how the durn thing was built. Don't those settlers know that the stump is the tastiest part? The trading post is visible through the gate, surely full of all kinds of wonderous souvenirs! Just above it I can see a line of fresh 2 by 4's, I wonder if that had anything to do with Rainbow Ridge?


Merlinsguy said...

Beautiful pictures. Loved those gray days.

Chiana said...

I tink the 2nd one is beautiful, Frontier-y gray skies and all. The 1st one is neat for its unusual view. Nice freshly made bridge - yet the stockade already looks old & rustic, great work they did there. The "wildflowers" are lookin' so pretty immaculately landscaped among the stumps at the foot of the stockade.

Hm there's some more of them antlers those wild critters kept throwing up at the roofs of the buildings these wilderness people put up. Frontier pranksters!

Look at those people leaving, why they just travelled the frontier and they don't look the least bit tired. :)

Nancy said...

a pretty view of the castle. it was a quiet day in the land of Disney.....

on our second outing to DL we had an entire week of June Gloom...i think we had only one sunny day. it did help keep the sunburn at a minimum... :}

Chiana said...

Yeah yeah you gotta watch that warm California sun.

Usually it's hard to find a cloud. I was there at a wee hours event, and it was so bright and clear I got a moontan.

Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, I didn't expect to get any comments on these!

Moon tan, ha ha! Moon tans make your skin blue.