Saturday, October 11, 2008

Indians a-Dancin', April 1957

Today's photos were taken on a gray, early spring day. It was chilly by the looks of things, all of those long coats and sweaters give these Disneyland pictures a curious "east coast" feeling! Apparently souvenir hats were sold mostly when the sun was a factor, because I only see two in the first photo, and none in the second. As is often the case, I get as much a kick out of observing the guests as I do from whatever was going on in the park! The stretched buffalo hide adds a measure of realism, I wonder if such a thing would ever be considered today. But when you live on the prairie, ya gotta eat!

Again, I love observing the people, especially the kids in the front row. They range from interested to distracted to just plain bored. One enterprising kid in the back has found something to stand on (perhaps a rock?) so that he can see over the heads of the grownups.

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Chiana said...

Very colorful dance circle!

I don't know Maj, I tell ya with peeps walking on eggshells for appearences of political correctness I have a time imagining any of that. Unless it's a very abstracted tie-in like a Pocahontas and John Smith reunited live musical drama infotainment show? Or Brother Bear something... and that'd only be against a load of advice against it I 'spose. But now we have nothing, so I can't say if this is progress.

Did you see the Native Americans in the audience? Behind the dancer, partially blocked by his tail.