Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Scenes from the Treehouse

I am grateful that there is still a big treehouse in Disneyland's Adventureland, even though I miss that crazy Swiss family that used to live there. Though they did play their polkas too loud! Apparently, kids were unaware that there was a Disney movie tie-in, and how can any kid appreciate an amazing, intricate, huge treehouse if there isn't a movie tie-in?? It's just not possible. So the family moved out, and Tarzan moved in (redecorating as most new owners are prone to do).

But we've still got photos of the good old days! Here's a vertigo-inducing shot looking down from the treetops... the fascinating series of belts, pulleys, and thingamajigs all worked in concert to bring water right up to your room. The family REALLY didn't want to walk downstairs to wash or get a drink! I mean, think about it. Those Swiss, what are you gonna do! But I love 'em for building this contraption, as a kid I could stare at it for hours, or at least until my dad told me to move it.

There were plenty of useful goods salvaged from the ship that was wrecked on a reef (what was the name of the ship? I couldn't find the answer...). Like this canon! Handy for fighting off bloodthirsty pirates, or a Gorn. (Look it up, non-nerds!)

Here's a view from up in the branches. When you are from Switzerland, and you are very homesick, and the heat and tropical haze is just so, you can almost believe that you are seeing the beloved Matterhorn way off on the horizon. But that would be impossible, wouldn't it?


TokyoMagic! said...

Wow, that last shot is so clear. We can see five Skyway buckets, two yellow PeopleMover cars, a blue Monorail AND the iridescent silver panels of the new 1967 Tomorrowland entrance!

I miss THIS version of the treehouse. I hate the extra tree trunk and stairs that were added right in the middle of the already narrow walkway. I never understood their placement. It just adds to the congestion. While I'm ranting....I also don't understand the static figures of Tarzan and Jane. We didn't need to see mannequins of the Robinson Family, so why do we have to look at mannequins of cartoon characters. The only way they would have been acceptable is if they had been audio-animatronic. I know, I know...Disney doesn't do audio-animatronics anymore...only hard plastic fiberglass figures with limited motion or no motion at all. But hey, I'm not bitter about it. Okay, maybe I am.

Chiana said...

have ta agree with the critique of the re-themed Treehouse. I'm glad it's there but the word "restoration" keeps coming to mind. How 'bout a new The Swiss Family Robinson film as an excuse to restore that treehouse? hehe

As for these pics, the Major is sooo right. The first shot, that's an unusual view to have photographed! Doubly great as it's something you'd look at a lot in person, just not always photograph. Personally I'd like water brought up on a pulley system like that. It helps with the monkey problems. You know those.

That's one fun lookin' cannon! And y'know, that's also some fun landscaping. Always a high spot of the park then and now, that landscaping.

That branch looks bare out there! And wow what a view, just so classic. Think I'll plunk it on me desktop and dream. :)

daguru said...

Great photos.... I love the last one!

Galileo said...

Great pictures as always. I think this is my first time commenting, but I've been reading this blog since I discovered it a few months ago.

I hope you know that the Swiss Family Treehouse is still safe & sound at Magic Kingdom. :)

TokyoMagic! said...

The Swiss Family Treehouse is also still safe and sound at Tokyo Disneyland. Here's a link to see what it looks like there:

Nancy said...

it does seem kinda "goofy" that the felt the need to put a plastic "family" in the DL treehouse. when we go for a visit, i always liked thinking that the Robinsons was out looking for food! (can you imagine a plastic family in HOTF..thank goodness they didnt go there!)

these images are great! i always enjoy taking a picture from one land where you can see images of another. i have a pretty cool shot that i took in Frontierland near the Shooting Gallery and you can see Cinderella castle behind Rachel : )

Nancy said...

^ this was at WDW, shoulda mentioned that