Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Mine Train '72

Once again I am delving into a batch of images from 1972 and Nature's Wonderland. In no particular order (because I am lazy)!

This mountain lion is prepared to pounce, you can see the end of his twitchy tail (although, in reality, I don't think it moved). Nice kitty! I believe that this was one of the last things you saw before entering Rainbow Caverns, where your mind would be blown by the psychedelic colors and haunting otherworldly music.

There's Old Unfaithful geyser, and the bubblin' pots o' mud in all the colors of the rainbow. What about periwinkle? Is there a periwinkle pot o' mud? Not many people know that the "mud" was actually thick, rich turkey gravy. Just like grandma used to make!

Look there! Behind that tree! It's two male elk, battling it out for the remote control. The girls to the right look slightly bored, they've seen it all before. The pile of sun-bleached antlers is a testament to... um, something.


TokyoMagic! said...

Yay....more Nature's Wonderland pics!!!!!!!! Thanks, Major.

Anonymous said...

As a former MT operator, the trick was to get the guests in the rear cars past the geysers without too much spray on a windy day/night. That meant putting the train in high gear at the right time for a short burst then neutral and feathering the air brake to reduce downhill speed beyond that to make the curves and not derail. This was one of the few attractions in which the operator had total control of the ride itself. Required good judgement and timing. And it was fun too!

Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, cool anonymous! Thanks for the neat inside info. Somebody should record the memories of ride operators, particularly for the classic rides that no longer exist. Who knows what amazing stuff they recall!

Chiana said...

Thnks anonymous for the memory, it's things like that which really help "put you there." Sounds like it was a great ride to operate. It's neat to think the idea was minimizing the spray on the guests. Very considerate. Today it's like people can get wet enough on rides!

Mm-mm Major! How do you like your gravy? I favor blue meself. Nothin' like an alien grandma's home made gravy.

Really cool, never get enough Mine Train / NW pics.

Nancy said...

another attraction that i never got to see, so i always enjoy the photos. i do like the music, has a haunting quality about it, reminds me a bit of the munchkins in Wizard of Oz (the ohhhhs). and gravy? wonder who thought of that! as always, thanks for these : )