Friday, October 03, 2008

Monorail, 1962

Today I've got two beauties from 1962 featuring the Monorail! This first one shows the yellow version curving past the Yacht Bar, with the impressive Matterhorn behind it, and Skyway buckets overhead as well. Just a great, classic image.

This next one is unusual, I don't know if I've ever seen a photo of the Monorail taken from this angle before, with the medieval fairytale castle as a backdrop for the futuristic train (this time the red one). You can just see the transluscent leaves of the Alice in Wonderland attraction to the left.


TokyoMagic! said...

That woman in the first car of the red monorail is standing up....AND she's sticking her hand out the window! That's a good way to lose a finger!

Great pics as usual, Major!

Katella Gate said...

Yellow? Did I miss something over the years? I didn't know the Monorail came in Yellow!

Are you sure this isn't the Shelbyville Monorail? (before it went off a bent track around 1992)

Nancy said...

love these....the monorail is a favorite ride. when at WDW we take time just to ride it. i love that it goes thru the park at DL, something i really look forward to when visiting there. monorail and the castle is a great combination of modern and old world...thanks again!

james said...

Very Cool Pics...the Majestic it just me,or does it seem to be shrinking?

PTA Transit Authority said...

Awesome monorail shots. I always liked the Monorail Yellow the best.