Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Salvaging Some Oldies! Main Street 1960

Digging through boxes of previously-scanned slides, I found a bunch that I had skipped for one reason or another. Like today's examples. Both of them were mis-aligned when they were originally cut to be put into their cardboard mounts, and the color was not great (though I've certainly seen worse). 

Here's the first one, a nice shot of a Horse Drawn Streetcar heading toward Main Street Station. I don't know how these slides got cut incorrectly (that doesn't happen often), and I am disappointed that I don't have the image to the right that appears to be a shot of a Surrey. 

So... crop the photo, fix the color, and we wind up with a lovely image of vintage Main Street. Notice the Chemical Wagon (horse-drawn firetruck) just in front of the Streetcar, the other Streetcar coming toward us, and a banner advertising "Nature's Wonderland".

Next is this photo of the Coke Corner, with a popcorn cart and a streetcar - we're only steps away from the first image. The small slice of the other slide that got cut was taken next to the China Shop.

And... crop, color-adjust, remove the dust, and we're left with another pleasant look at Main Street, and an unusual angle to boot. Who's more bored, a Maytag repairman, or a streetcar driver? (Answer: Maytag repairman).


Nanook said...


These images depict some lovely unusual angles. We can just spy the Puffin Bake Shop sign behind the Streetcar. And in the second, the Mad Hatter, occupying the space formerly held by Cole of California Swimwear.

And as far who wins the contest for being "more bored", these days that honor goes to Streetcar Drivers. Maytag washers have long-ago lost their luster for dependability. Too bad.

Thanks, Major.

Chuck said...

Seeing the empty streetcar with two crewmembers made me notice for the first time that they actually had two crewmembers. I'm guessing one was driving and the other took tickets. Do they still run with a two-man (a.k.a. "two-non-gender-specific-person") crew?

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Something (or someone, wink wink) pretty exciting must have been just out of frame in front of candy palace. So much so the the conductor, two men in the rear seat and the gent on the corner of the shop are all straining to look that direction. I guess we'll never know.

Another great resto job on these slides Major. As Rod Tidwell (Jerry McGuire) would say. "You are our ambassador of Kodachrome man".

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine a more tranquil time in the Park these days?? KS

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, for some reason I always enjoy seeing the Puffin shop. Perhaps it’s just the name. Cole of California was one of the weirder Main Street shops. As for Maytag repairmen, you are right; my mom bought a Maytag years ago and she was not happy with it.

Chuck, it really does amaze me to see the days when they park would have so many employees manning different attractions. And as I’ve said before, those men probably owned homes, had cars, families… it was a different time.

Alonzo, I had noticed the turned heads of everyone on the Streetcar… the only thing I could think of is that one of the men operating the vehicle was giving a spiel. “And to our right is the Candy Palace, just like the one Grandpa visited”. I wish Jerry McGuire had been about a guy restoring old slides. It would have won every Oscar.

KS, you’re right, there are probably not many days when Main Street isn’t packed with people. I’ll just look at these photos and dream!

Nanook said...


I think I enjoy seeing the 'Puffin Bake Shop' for that same unique name. I guess the 'Proofing" Bake Shop just didn't cut it.

The 'weirdest' shop ever to occupy a storefront on Main Street has got to be Hollywood-Maxwell's Intimate Apparel Shop, with your host, the Wonderful Wizard of Bras. (I wonder who rates higher: The Wizard of Oz or Bras-??)

Melissa said...

The Ballad of the Empty Streetcar

My street car is as empty as my heart,
Since you and I began to drift apart.
Oh, Penny, won't you come to the Arcade,
Where once at pinball land of love we played?
For I am yours to do as you command me,
I'll make for you a Palace full of Candy.
I have dwelt, since your cruel words were spoke,
At the corner of Despair and Coke.
The popcorn of our love is cold and stale,
And smells like what's behind my horse's tail.

Scott Lane said...

^ Now I know what I want on my tombstone.