Sunday, September 25, 2016

Rejects - Unrejected

Today's "unrejected" rejects are not very inspiring (which is why they were rejected in the first place), but they're better than nothing!

This first one is from January 5, 1957, and we're looking across the river toward Tom Sawyer Island and Fort Wilderness, with a canoe gliding over the water. The shadows are very dark, but a Keelboat can be seen at rest, with a barely-visible Fowler's Harbor behind it. I wonder if the photographer had just left the Indian Village (which closed at dusk) and snapped this shot while walking back through Frontierland?

Here's a very murky shot of a Keelboat from July, 1958. It's really zipping along! I always love it when the passengers on the lower level decided to lean (or sit) outside of the boat - presumably it was OK with the cast members. I think the folks in the lower right are on one of the rafts to the Island, but have no idea what that very thick bundle of ropes is from.


Nanook said...


I'm votin' for those folks actually riding aboard the main deck of the Mark Twain. The rope we see is heading up towards the boom at the bow of the steamship.

Thanks, Major.

Pegleg Pete said...

Surely the bundle of ropes and other rigging apparent in the second shot indicate that it was taken from the deck of the Columbia which opened a month earlier – in June 1958?

Scott Lane said...

I like that first shot. The golden light on the fort and banks of the island, the lonely canoe gliding along... The only issue is that Fowler's Harbor needs to be lightened up a little bit.

Melissa said...

Love the play of light on water in both pictures.

Patrick Devlin said...

I love that first shot. Aside from the uniform sky it's worthy of a Constable landscape. The second shot is from Columbia, I think. That giant splice and the frapping look very, um, ship-ish.

Nanook said...

@ Pegleg Pete-

I suspect you're correct, if for no other reason than the ropes on the Mark Twain are far from being that elaborate.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, the boom? The BOOM? Didn’t you hear that Clancy lowered the boom?

Pegleg Pete, I believe that the photo was taken from the seat of a Peter Pan pirate ship.

Scott Lane, the Fowler’s Harbor photo HAS been lightened, believe it or not. At a certain point the image just starts to get gray and grainy.

Melissa, it is reminiscent of the paintings of Anders Zorn.

Patrick Devlin, you know, this is a family blog, and I don’t appreciate the use of words like “frapping”! ;-)

Nanook, you are right that there are ropes on the bow of the Mark Twain, but they don’t look quite as chunky as the ones on the Columbia.

Chuck said...

I wonder if that's the last canoe of the day, before they shut off the lights and herded the bast members back into the barn?

Unless that Keelboat skipper is suicidal, those ropes probably aren't on the bow of the Twain.

walterworld said...

The first shot is almost Bob Ross-like, except that Bob would have put more trees (and just a dash of fresh snow!) on the ridge above Fowlers Harbor.

Thanks as always Major!