Monday, February 10, 2014

Vintage Disney Decals

I love vintage travel decals - the kind you used to see on station wagons and campers. They were cheap, colorful mini-posters that let the world know where you'd been. See previous posts of decals here, here, and mebbe here.

This first example was found a few years ago at a paper show that is just a few miles from the Walt Disney Studio. I love the design! It reminds me of the WWII insignia designed by Hank Porter. There are similar decals over at the gas pumps and on some of the studio bicycles used by couriers - I always thought they were cool (and seemed old… possibly 1960's-era?) so I was very happy to find this one.

Here's a fairly common Bicentennial decal - the Mickey-Goofy-Donald artwork was used on a zillion pieces of merchandise in those days. "America on Parade" was a very big deal at the time, even getting a book devoted to it.

This decal is an early one, I believe; Tink is sprinkling some pixie dust over the castle, just like she did every week on "Walt Disney Presents".

Here's an odd one, also found at a paper show. This cute decal for the Orange County Press Club was designed by somebody at the studio in 1957. I wonder if it was given to club members for a single, specific event? This is probably another example of Walt volunteering his studio's services in the name of good relations with the folks in OC.

Many months ago (maybe years, now!), I sent a scan of the OC Press Club decal to Kevin Kidney, who discovered that the Press Club still used the same basic logo, though (for some reason) a badly-traced version is what you will find on the website. But the OCPC Facebook page uses a scan of my decal as the header!


Anonymous said...

Very nice decals, Major! Share more if you like!

I like that triangular format (first one) with Mickey sort of bent over backwards smiling - so happy! It has an Allied Forces, WWII soldier uniform patch look with that triangle shape - probably a good chance the artist served.

And how fun were actual decals! You had to soak them in water and wait for the adhesive to release, then carefully slide it from the backing paper onto the surface without wrinkling or getting bubbles trapped!

Bill in Denver

Melissa said...

Love the leaf bowtie on the orange reporter. Now there's news you can citrust!

K. Martinez said...

Love the "Walt Disney Productions" orange triangle. It's nearly the same pose as the Mickey on the cover of Christopher Finch's "The Art of Walt Disney" book. Nice!

Probably being one of the few who actually liked "America on Parade", the second decal is one of my favorite images from that era.

I'll second what Bill in Denver said. I'd definitely appreciate seeing more of these decals/stickers if you care to share more. These are very cool. Thanks.

Major Pepperidge said...

Bill, I have only experienced the tiny "water slide" decals that used to come with my Revell models of World War II airplanes. My lame kid fingers had a hard time with them!! But they made the model look so "professional" to my eyes.

Melissa, I dunno, I didn't trust Orville Redenbacher, and he wore a bowtie!

K. Martinez, yes, I definitely recognized that basic pose from the Finch book. I don't honestly remember "America on Parade" much, though I did see it. It didn't make the impression that the MSEP made. AND…. I only have a few non-Disney decals left to share, unfortunately.

Snow White Archive said...

Very cool decals Major!

Anonymous said...

The pocket matchboxes for the employees of the Disney Studio, at one time, carried the artwork seen on the first decal, which was also the inspiration for the cover of the Finch book!