Friday, February 21, 2014

Donruss Bubble Gum Cards, Part Two

It's time for a second batch of Donruss bubblegum cards. For some history (and to see part one), click HERE. Here's a fun game: have one shot of chocolate milk whenever the caption ends with the words "at Disneyland".

Card #09: Disneyland guests board double-deck bus for trip down Main Street to Town Square.

Card #10: Spaceman greets Tomorrowland visitors at Disneyland.

Card #11: Storybookland Miniatures are viewed from the gaily colored Casey Jr. Circus Train at Disneyland.

Card #12: Alice in Wonderland and her friends, White Rabbit and Mad Hatter, greet guests at Disneyland.

Card #13: Disneyland Submarine passes through waterfall as guests explore "Liquid Space".

Card #14: "Old Unfaithful" Geyser erupts as the Western Mine Train makes its way through Nature's Wonderland at Disneyland.

Card #15: "Fantasy in the Sky" fireworks explode nightly over Sleeping Beauty's Castle during Summertime at Disneyland.

Stay tuned for part three!


K. Martinez said...

It looks like every caption contains the word "Disneyland" in it. What's nice is that even though I have these cards, it's great to see a magnified view of the card images. Thanks, Major.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Major thanks for the pics, the Friday morning chocolate buzz and as K.M. pointed out and Paul Frees uttered the "MAGNIFICATION".

Have a great Friday everyone.

Anonymous said...

Card #10 could read: Chicks dig a Disneyland.

It makes me smile to see how the image is staged so the girls are swooning over his shiny suit, while the boys linger in the background, wishing they could be wearing silver lamé and have a spaceship that could go anywhere in the galaxy.

Geez, I feel that way almost every day. Thanks Major!

Bill in Denver

Chuck said...

Mmmm...lots of chocolate milk this a.m...

Don't think I've ever seen that angle of Storybook Gardens before, with that huge, gaping hole in the mountain under the model of Cinderella's Castle. I half expect to see Thunderbird 2 or Jonny Sakko's Giant Robot to fly out of it.

I always wanted a silver lamé spacesuit. Chicks dig those.

Nanook said...

Yes, the things one can do with silver lamé....

Melissa said...

Great post, by gum!

Little Miss Pink Pedalpushers is never going to get her posture medal standing like that. No need to be embarrassed about being the tallest girl in class around Mr. Spaceman, Missy! Your friend Patti Petticoat is standing so straight her plaid lines up with the horizon.

(The Disneyland Spaceman always makes me think of Richard Kiel in Moonraker.)

That’s an especially nice, bright scan of the Casey, Jr. card. Of all the pictures I’ve seen of it, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it from that angle. It gives you a whole new perspective.

At first I thought the little girl had dressed up as Alice, the way little girls dress up as their favorite characters for a park visit today. But I think that was just what she happened to be wearing. Either way, it looks a bit like a Before and After shot of the “DRINK ME” bottle.

JG said...

My silver lame' spacesuit is stylish and looks great right out of the wash.

The helmet takes a little Windex now and then.

I wear it everyday.


Major Pepperidge said...

K. Martinez, they don't want you to go to Knott's Berry Farm by mistake! Do you have the "blue back" set?

Alonzo, it is true, one of the reasons I scanned these was so that I could easily look at them in more detail.

Bill in Denver, when will silver lamé be in style for EVERYONE? No fair that it is just for spacemen. Now GOLD lamé, that's just gauche.

Chuck, I believe that, at one time, the cave was the dwarf's diamond mine. I don't remember it being anything but a hole when I rode it, but I could be wrong.

Nanook, you can fly a rocket pack for about 20 seconds!

Melissa, the poor girl was caught in the midst of a twirl. We have to cut her some slack! The other little girl really does look like Alice, that's probably why she was chosen for the photo.

JG, the only thing that would have been cooler is velour!

Chuck said...

Major - I think the cave that the boat went through was originally the diamond mine before it was remodeled into the Cave of Wonders. With Snow White's cottage immediately after the cave exit, that makes sense. I don't recall there being anything inside the Casey Junior tunnel.

Dean Finder said...

Is that a G-Man riding shotgun on the Omnibus?