Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Casey Jr. 1956

Casey Junior was a bit player in "Dumbo", but he made the most of his scenes! That 1941 movie is one of my favorite animated classics. Every element was perfect, from the music to the sweet, simple story, to the beautiful animation and memorable characters.

ANYWAY... I digress. Here's a great early (1956) photo of Casey on a sunny day under a glorious blue sky. Casey's colors really "pop"! He is crossing over a trestle that would eventually be filled in, all that bare timber would be hidden. You can see some of the fierce wild animals behind bars... I'd hate to see them running loose!

From a different lot of photos from 1956 comes this blurry view of Casey about to pass beneath us, apparently. I'm not sure what vantage point this was taken from... it's way too low to be the Skyway, and it seems too close to be from the other Casey Jr. train. But that has to be the answer, I guess.


TokyoMagic! said...

Wow, that first photo looks so rustic. If it weren't for the brightly colored train, it would look almost like it was Frontierland.

Great pics, Major!

Katella Gate said...

I love the second photo showing Casey's "Eyes"... Because they are made of sheet steel cones with dark bottoms, the eyes always seem to be looking at you... in that non-menacing Disney way of course.

Anonymous said...

I miss Chiana

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

I love Casey Jr!!! I'm singing that song already!

Hey, I think the second photo was taken from the Skyway. Looks like the bar and I recall the buckets dipping a little as it first came out of the Chalet, just my 2¢. Great Post, thanks!

Major Pepperidge said...

Katella Gate, that is interesting about the cone eyes... a simple effect that is basically like the one in the Haunted Mansion, with the busts that follow you. Cool!

VDT, you must be right, it makes sense... but wow, it's low!

Dr. Zaius, we ALL miss Chiana!

And thanks as always, tokyomagic!

Katella Gate said...

Major, as I wrote my comment about Casey's "eyes that follow you", it occurred to me just how many "eyes" there were at Disneyland, and what the psychology was behind it.

Monstro the Whale, Adventure thru Inner Space and the eye in the microscope, the busts at the Haunted Mansion, the rat eyes as you climb up the waterfall in Pirates -- even the relatively benign Tiki Room has some rather threatening eyes in the rafters behind the drummers.

I guess the message is "Walt is watching so be good."

Anonymous said...

The other Casey Jr. Train??? I'm pretty sure that in 1955 there was only one train.

I vote for the skyway coming in for a landing in Fantasyland.

Anonymous said...

aaww thanks Dr. Zaius, Major. I dunno if anyone will read back to this but i gotta put in me piece anyway and say I missed coming by this great blog and great bunch of hoo-mans. :)