Monday, September 15, 2008

More Mine Train, 1972

I'm posting a few more Mine Train images from my 1972 batch. The photographer took lots of photos of Rainbow Ridge... more than was the norm. He was plum loco about that little frontier town!

Here we get a nice look at one of the miniature locomotives, while some cool customer relaxes on the fence and watches the other trains load up and vanish through the tunnel to our left. I'm guessing that this guy normally wore a conservative suit and tie at work; but when he let his hair down, he wore his windbreaker and moccasins (yep, it's the 70's alright!).

Now for a slightly unusual vantage point, aboard a train and looking at the poor shnooks still waiting in line. The engineer is wearing what looks like a heavy coat, but it doesn't appear to be cold (although these were taken around Christmas time). Maybe he is prepared for the sun's setting, since (as far as I know) you could ride the Mine Train after dusk. Now THAT'S something I never experienced!

And finally, a real "you are there" shot as the train rounds a bend past Cascade Peak and Big Thunder Falls. You can tell that the kid in the blurry foreground is thinking about reaching out to touch the waterfall... I can't say that I blame him. How often do you get to do that?


TokyoMagic! said...

Once again, I can't ever get enough of the Nature's Wonderland Mine Train shots.....or pics from the 70's!

Anonymous said...

Nor me. I could have been operating it that very day. Of course the MT was open in the evening and night. I really the best time to enjoy it. It was all so much more magical.

Chiana said...

Aw I feel like I'm there. These are so beautiful. That waterfall picture is extra special. A fav post ever!