Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I Heart 1972

The Disneyland of 1972 is the one that ol' Major Pepperidge remembers fondly from when he was a tadpole. I love looking at photos from earlier years (obviously!), but this is MY Disneyland! And the Submarine Voyage was way up there on my list of favorite rides (I didn't know that they were called attractions back then).

I have pretty vivid memories of waiting in line, smelling the diesel fumes from the subs, hearing the putt-putt of the nearby Autopia, and occasionally hearing the Monorail swoop into the station overhead. I'd watch the subs as they cycled in and out, eating up people and spitting them out again. And I'd try to remember my favorite scenes; oddly, I always like the erupting volcano, which was just red lights and bubbles!

Gary the grouper seems to be asleep, hopefully having sweet fishy dreams. All I know is that he ain't swimmin'! Maybe he's been hip-mo-tized.

I had a book about the sea when I was a kid, and remember an illustration showing an Asian pearl diver swimming perilously close to a giant clam. If he got too close, WHAM! The clam's shell would snap shut on his foot, trapping him underwater. One more thing to worry about!


TokyoMagic! said...

Major, I love 1972 also! Actually, I love the whole decade. This was "my" DL too! I guess we're very lucky to have this attraction still exist in some shape or form....especially since WDW had their sub lagoon "filled in" and replaced with planters and a Pooh playground.

Chiana said...

hehe and that clam looks big enough to clamp onto Pooh's foot! Er paw...?

Yep it's good to have the Subs still voyaging around the lagoon. I have a soft spot for Disneyland of the '70s too. There aren't many things I love about the 70s, some rock music, not much else but DL is one.

Major Pepperidge said...

Chiana, welcome back from wherever you were! I always enjoy your fun comments.