Saturday, September 06, 2008

Two More From 1956 Frontierland

Here's an unusual view of the friendly Indian Chief who waited on the shores of Frontierland to wave at passing boats. Ordinarily you see pictures of him taken from the Mark Twain, but in this case our photographer was standing somewhere on Tom Sawyer Island. I can only assume that the foliage quickly became too lush to see him from here for long, since this angle is so scarce. Up on the hillside you can see one of his buddies, wearing a buffalo horned headdress.

Now let's look at this great early view of Harper's Mill, the landing for the rafts (or rather, one of the landings), and Tom's treehouse. Nothin' much to say about it except that I like it!


The Viewliner Limited said...

This place looked so cool in 1956. I think today they have let the trees grow a little to big.

Anonymous said...

Neato Old Mill pic, I agree Major!

Don't give 'em ideas, Viewliner! ;)