Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Subs! July 1960

Comin' atcha! from July 1960, here's a beauty of a photo featuring the early, 3-car red Monorail as it swooshes over the Sub Lagoon. Love that 3-car Monorail! It wouldn't be long before it would another car would be added; this was a popular ride. Eventually it would go up to 5 cars, of course. Hey look, there's a lone mermaid sunning herself in the lagoon! She makes that seashell bikini-top look good, I think you'll all agree. I can see why guys would occasionally jump into the water, although I doubt they managed to get dates.

Oh, I know, this one kinda sucks, but I had it all scanned and ready.


mr wiggins said...

Great shots, major. Classic monorail & mermaid -- perfect!!

Mike said...

No People Mover as of yet in the background of your Monorail photo. It is rather sad that so much of the Sub Lagoon was lost to the "rockpile" where the "dark" portions of Finding Nemo are housed. I really noticed this the other day while standing in line for the subs. I looked out at a mound of rocks where a crystal blue lagoon had once sparkled. And I could see the ratty old People Mover tracks in the distance, unkempt, unused, uncared for. Oh the humanity.