Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Keel Boat & Canoe, August 1957

"Frontierland water craft" is the theme for today! First up is this great photo taken from the upper level of one of the Keel Boats; an unusual view for sure. The kids each have their souvenir hats on... sis chose a sort of "coolie" hat (from Adventureland, of course!), while little brother has his engineer's cap on. On the spar above them is an octagonal "squawk box"... from the few recordings I've heard of the Keel Boat spiel, squawking is a very accurate description. In the background, Fowler's Harbor. I love the painted detail at the rear of the boat, looking like early American folk art!

The kids haven't had their fill of the Rivers of America, so now they will embark on a trip aboard an Indian War Canoe. If they don't get a few more customers, somebody is going to have to work double-time to make it all the way around!


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Wow, that first shot is amazing and unusual as well, at first I didn't even think it was Disneyland! I love the hats! Great shot of the original canoe launch area too! Thanks!

Thufer said...

it has been so long ago that i was up there on a keel boat. i had forgotten about the detailing. thank you for that memory.

Katella Gate said...

Very interesting detail: I think the Keel Boats are the only attraction at Disneyland that I never was on (considering hight restrictions for age at the time). I had no idea what the upper platform looked like.

Now impress me and let's see a picture of the inside of the lower cabin.

Mike said...

Another sad reminder of our long lost Keel Boats!

Love the hat! It's always something to see a relatively bare Tom Sawyer's Island (before the trees and shrubs really grew in). You can see it in the background of the canoe photo.

Good work, as always, and congratulations on reaching 800!!

Jungle Is "101"

Anonymous said...

That poor girl in the coolie hat looks slightly stunned in both pictures. Either she is afraid of boats, has been crying bitter tears over at the Storybook Land canals, or is already wondering why on earth she chose a big old coolie hat for her souvenir.

Anonymous said...

She's still reeling from Elvis Presley. You can tell that. Even in the wild Frontier, she's still hearing "Love Me Tender."

The colors and light are so warm!