Saturday, May 31, 2014

Walt Disney World, November 1980

I don't often post Disney stuff on Saturday's anymore, but I don't have much else scanned and ready to go at the moment. So…..

...Let's head to Walt Disney World in icy, forbidding Orlando! Today's pix are from 1980, which means that we are looking at WDW as it was 122 years ago. 

Look at that ultramarine blue sky! Main Street Station appears to be so high-up and far away in this picture. Because, in those days, the speed of light was slower, which made things seem further away. I'd explain it, but it's pretty technical.

Oh MAN, what's with the crowds? We're always here on the busiest days. It must be a holiday or something, because the park has clearly reached maximum capacity. (Isn't this a pretty view?)

Of course Florida's Main Street is bigger (like everything else at the Magic Kingdom), but I am so used to Disneyland's that seeing that building in the distance (City Hall?)… three stories tall not counting the tower… it really looks massive. What kind of "small town" is this??

The Flower Mart looks very much like its counterpart in Anaheim. It really does seem like nobody was entirely sure what to do with the "Center Streets" (both East and West), since the Flower Marts and the short lived Art Market (Anaheim again) feel like space fillers. 

There will be more from this lot coming up!

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