Thursday, May 29, 2014

Disneyland Entrance

It's time for some more GDB "greatest hits" (formerly known as "repeats")! Today we won't even get as far as the turnstiles, but that's OK, the photos are fun anyway.

Yay, the Disneyland sign, and there's the Matterhorn! I saw it first. This photo (circa 1961) wound up floating around the interwebs quite a bit, much to my surprise. The sign is so cheerful; I don't know what this "Disneyland" thing is, but let's go see what all the hubbub is about!

I've always loved this beautiful shot of the entrance and ticket booths, with the dramatic sky and brilliant winter sunshine (1957). "Look, Margaret, they have an exit sign and everything! The folks back home will never believe it. Better take a picture." 

Oh, and look at the posters! There are some real rarities. "Rocket to the Moon", Main Street Station, "Satellite View of America"… wowee-wow-wow.


Nanook said...

It's nice to see the 'gals' standing adjacent to the now "infamous" exit sign are wearing 'sensible shoes' for trekking-around The Magic Kingdom. And what a day they picked for their visit.

Thanks, Major.

Nancy said...

Beautiful! Somehow the train station looks shorter to me from this view; i wonder why. (being only 5 feet 1 might have something to do with it!)

I have always loved the Disneyland sign. wonder where the folks who took this picture were going that day, cause they sure weren't in the turning lane :(

Thanks for these sunny pictures this morning as we are still having rainy weather here in Pittsburgh!

K. Martinez said...

I once parked my car as close as you could get to the Disneyland Maingate Entrance. It was really weird to step out of my car and see the entrance and the Main Street Station close up. No tram needed.

Nancy, the folks who took this picture were likely walking along Harbor Boulevard heading towards Disneyland as this is where many of the motels/inns are located. I've walked this route many times from my motel to get to Disneyland. Also the auto entrance is further up beyond the marquee sign so that blue vehicle still has time to get in the left lane to turn into the Disneyland parking lot.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I know, I always love those winter photos with blue skies and big fluffy clouds (though the ones in pic #2 have a slight rainy look to them)!

Nancy, I'm not sure why the station looks shorter to you, except that it might be a trick of perspective, with the people and ticket booths so much closer (so they look much larger). Send some of your rain to us!

K. Martinez, it must have felt like Disneyland was yours for that day. Presumably there is still some sort of VIP parking that allows a lucky few to be right near an entrance (if not the front gate)….

Melissa said...

Hit the Hub, Bub,
And don't you come back no more.