Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A few from '62!

Say, howsabout this swell photo of the wonderful Tahitian Terrace, from October 1962! I think you'll agree that it's a pip. I lub lub lub the lettering on those wooden shields; artifacts like that probably wound up in some dumpster, which makes me weep. The Tahitian Terrace had opened in June, but looks like it is closed here. Maybe the picture is actually from before June? It can happen.

The benches were a popular attraction. See how much fun this lady is having? When Walt Disney provides benches, they are the benchiest benches ever. And all for one "A" ticket.


Nanook said...


The 'benchiest", you say-?? You don't happen to be related to Edd "Kookie" Byrnes, by chance-? Personally, I think that woman is just selfish, shooing-away guests by pretending... "...this bench is saved-!"

Thanks, Major.

Anonymous said...

She has found that elusive trifecta of fashion and color - her blouse matches the umbrella, her sweater matches the roses, and her shoes have blended like a chameleon and now show both hues. The white socks were a last minute grab from the drawer for a sporty look.

"You go ahead Harold and enjoy the rest of the park, because I'm not leaving this bench until the season changes."

Bill in Denver

Chuck said...

Some of my favorite Disneyland memories involve benches.

When we were young, married APHs living an hour from the Katella gate, we'd head to the Park every other Friday evening. There was no pressure to ride everything and cram as much Disneyland as possible into a day to justify the $256 (or whatever it costs today) price of a one-day pass. A ride or two, dinner, maybe some dancing and a parade, fireworks, a candy bar and Coke for the midnight ride home, and a lot of time sitting on a bench with the most beautiful girl in the world, watching the crowds go by.

For the record, some of the benches actually cost an "E" ticket. I can remember sitting down on a bench next to the Main Street depot with my tired parents late one afternoon in 1976 and not getting up again until the Park had rotated around us four times.

Nancy said...

Chuck, such a wonderful story!

That is my dream; to live near enough that I can visit at my leisure any time I want and not have to save up for a year or two just to have a week of frantic fun. ;-)

So wish I could have lunched at Tahitian Terrace. I love the atmosphere in Adventureland.

Beautiful pictures today, Major.

Anonymous said...

Benches are now so scarce in WDW's Magic Kingdom that, if ticket books were still in use, sitting down on a bench really would require an E ticket. I believe the current mantra is "if they're sitting, they're not spending."

K. Martinez said...

Love the image of the Tahitian Terrace entrance and the yet to be opened Enchanted Tiki Room building.

Major - Back then, the Tahitian Terrace, like the Sailing Ship Columbia was seasonal. It was only open during Summer and holiday periods. So yes, the Tahitian Terrace could very well be closed in this October 1962 image.

Melissa said...

That lettering suits those signs to a T!

We talk a lot about the attractions we miss, but boy, do I miss all the benches that used to be in the parks!

Tom said...

That pic of the Tahitian Terrace is pure 24K gold. I've never seen such a clear, bright, colorful picture of the entrance.

I'm always interested to see images of the structure, whatever they called it, that existed before it became the Tiki Room. Was it just part of the kitchen or utility space?

K. Martinez said...

Tom - I'd assume the Tiki Room structure in this image was built new for the audio-animatronic attraction. At least that's what I get from these images from Daveland.

Here is what was there before the Tiki Room show building was built. The Pavilion Restaurant dining area in Adventureland and a walkway:

Here's the Tiki Room show building replacing the Pavilion Restaurant dining area in Adventureland and the walkway.

Here's the Adventureland side of the Pavilion Restaurant (pre-Tahitian Terrace/Tiki Room.

I'd assume they reconfigured the dining area for the Tahitian Terrace and squeezed in the Tiki Room between the water way and the "new" Plaza Pavlion.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I have no idea why you are asking, but Edd "Kookie" Byrnes is like an uncle to me.! An uncle that I never met. (Are you asking because you need to borrow my comb??).

Bill in Denver, she probably did hours of research, planning her outfit so that it would coordinate with the park. Just like I do.

Chuck, a bench is a very welcome thing when you want one, but I can't say I ever thought about them too much! Still, your account of your early married days at the park sound idyllic.

Nancy, I have to admit that I have always wished I lived so close to the park that it would be worth having an AP. BUT… so far, no luck.

Anon, wow, you'd think that a park the size of the Magic Kingdom would have even MORE benches. Don't they realize that a happy, relaxed guest will probably spend more money than a stressed, exhausted one?

K. Martinez, wow, I never knew that the Tahitian Terrace was seasonal. This photo sure looks sunny and beautiful, it would be a shame to want to see the hula dancers and find the restaurant closed.

Melissa, I think there are still a lot of benches at Disneyland - maybe not as many as in the olds days, but before parades and fireworks, I've watched the cast members dragging benches around to form "barricades" (basically) to help control the insane crowds.

Tom, it's a good one! I have another one from about 10 years later that's a real beauty too. Stay tuned!

K. Martinez, thanks for the info about the Tiki Room! Wasn't the "Pavilion Restaurant" area called the "Tahitian Lanai"?

Nanook said...

Oh, Major - you really are the 'ginchiest'-!

As for the comb... remember my avatar. But thanks for the thought.

Connie Moreno said...

Holy cow, very crisp and clear images - makes me want to jump right in.

K. Martinez said...

Major - It very well could've been called the "Tahitian Lanai", but in the 1956-57 souvenir guide books and other guides I have, I've seen it listed as "Pavilion Restaurant (cafeteria style)" under Main Street and "Pavilion (cafeteria style)" under Adventureland. I've also seen it referenced as the "Plaza Pavilion" in early maps.

I always thought of the early "Pavilion" as a single restaurant with a split-theme façade (Americana/Polynesia) like the Chicken Plantation was with the split-theme façade(antebellum/southwestern).

Even though they shared the same kitchen, it seemed more defined as a separate establishment when the "Tahitian Terrace" came into being. At least that's the impression I get.

Melissa said...

I had an uncle I never met, but he had a lovely head of hair.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I had to look up "ginchiest", I had NO idea that Kookie said this; I wonder if it is a piece of "real" slang, or something made up by screenwriters.

Connie, I feel that way all the time!

K. Martinez, well, there you go. I have no idea where I got the "Tahitian Lanai" thing, but it's been with me for a long time!

Melissa, it was a wig!

Anonymous said...

Tahitian Terrace was (or eventually became)table-service with it's own Polynesian menu, a more "upscale" presentation with a floor show, while the Plaza Pavilion remained cafeteria style with more pedestrian fare.