Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Instamatics

Oh man, it seemed like these wonderful vintage Instamatics would last forever, but I see the number of unpublished examples getting smaller and smaller. Bummer! Still, I am so grateful to "Mr. X" for giving them to me, they have been amazing.

I especially love this wonderful late-afternoon (early evening?) photo of the Alice in Wonderland dark ride exterior. Giant Mary Blair leaves tower over the tiny people aboard their snooty caterpillar ride vehicle. The fellow in the back seat couldn't be more bored.

This one is a bit odd; I asked Mr. X if the lady in the red dress & chapeau was a relative, but he said she was an innocent bystander. And YES, I noticed that this one is flipped. Or flopped. The joys of scanning negatives. But I already added my watermark, so flopped it remains. Maybe I'll get around to fixing it. Maybe not!

City Hall is never backwards. Otherwise chaos would reign. Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… you know. I like to sit on the porch and yell advice to the people passing by. "Neither a lender nor a borrower be!". "Remember the Maine!". Stuff like that.

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walterworld said...

Hello Major!

Great post as always :)

I read all of your posts in when I came across this one and found it without comment I thought I'd be first to comment for the first time ever!

I have very little time to follow blogs these days, and yours is the only one I still do, and I don't want to miss any, hence my 6 week lag.

I read all the comments too. All in all GDB is always a cool place to visit.

Thanks for all of your work!