Monday, May 19, 2014

Special Guest Photos!

It's time for another batch of photos, generously shared with us by Chuck Hansen. Do a blog search, he's contributed many pictures in the past!

As usual, I will let Chuck do the commentary: "The first slides are of the Haunted Mansion. I was really into architectural details at the time, and that explains why I didn't shoot any wide shots. Plus I was averse to including crowds in my pictures. I've always liked the cactus planters, giving the place an eerie, unfriendly air despite the pristine condition of the building".

"The second photo was intended to create an atmosphere of foreboding, but I think the foreground is a bit too dark".

"The last three are pretty standard pictures of Disneyland's Great White Fleet, although there are a few details that stood out on closer inspection. In img534 (below), you can see how the bridge across the POTC entryway really facilitates traffic flow when there are good-sized crowds. While I miss the old ground-level walk-up (mostly because we normally visited in the off-season), I think this was a really good upgrade, even if it pushed wheelchair access to the exit".

"You can see the Columbia's loading ramp/staircase in img537 (below) pushed off to the side. I never realized how non-ADA-compliant that thing is. Has that been modified to accommodate disabled guests?"

"In img538, you can see the size of the crowd embarking/disembarking from the Mark Twain. That ship can really hold a lot of guests, yet it rarely feels crowded aboard. Wish I could see what flags were flying in front of the passenger waiting terminal. In the background, you can see a train heading up a lift hill on Big Thunder".

MANY THANKS as always to Chuck for sharing his personal photos with all of here on GDB!


K. Martinez said...

I think the 2nd image (Haunted Mansion) works as intended. It's definitely dark and foreboding and the angle is perfect.

My favorite image is the Mark Twain/Caribbean Bridge (img534). It sums up the west side of the Park for me. It's also my favorite panoramic view of Disneyland.

In the last image (img538), when did the shed along the shore behind the Mark Twain show up? Was it built when "Fantastic!" was installed on the Rivers of America?

Thanks again for sharing your photos and descriptions, Chuck. You do a wonderful job and capture that sense of what Disneyland is about.

Melissa said...

It's fascinating to compare your shot of the docked Mark Twain's stern with the Major's 1960 shot from the same perspective in yesterday's post.

I never made it to Disneyland until after the PotC bridge was built, and I thought it was one of the most charming parts of the entrance. Now that you bring it up, though, I can see how walking in on the ground floor would have heightened the effect of walking into a Museum of Piracy in modern-day New Orleans that makes the transition back in time into the ride portion so exciting.

Melissa said...

I meant to add to my previous post - walking in the front door of the Haunted Mansion versus a side door may seem like a subtle difference, but it's one of the things that makes me prefer the atmosphere of the Disneyland Haunted Mansion.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chuck - thanks so much for taking the time to gather and share these photos. I'm liking 534 as well - the paddlewheel wake, the crowds, the flag...just makes me want to be there right now!

Bill in Denver

Chuck said...

Ken - Thanks for your kind comments. Unfortunately, I don't have any idea of when that shed appeared other than some time between 1976 and 1993, during the long, dark years of my Disneyland exile.

Melissa - This photo is, in fact, the one I mentioned consulting while doing obsessive research on the Twain in support of yesterday's post. The street-front walk-up entrance had the feel which you describe, giving you no clear indication of what was in store inside. I liked it. But I like what they have there now, too.

I've always thought it odd that you enter WDW's Haunted Mansion through a side door to the basement. Who does that? If I'm breaking into a spooky old haunted house, I'm going in the front door!

Bill in Denver - You're welcome! I have the same feeling about that picture. I want to go RIGHT NOW!

Major Pepperidge - Thanks again for letting me contribute!

Nancy said...

My favorite is the foreboding Haunted Mansion image...I have one very like it of the Tower of Terror at Walt Disney World.

Thanks for sharing these with us! :-)