Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mark Twain, August 1960

It's time to use up some boring slides - yes, "Snooze Sunday" looms again. I like the Mark Twain, I'm just tired of looking at pictures of it! Anyway, there she is (the Mark Twain is a "she" - it's confusing), having just passed Cascade Peak and Woolite Rock. Judging by his posture, the man at the dock is experiencing an existential crisis.

Fine, go away, it's what you do best! But you'll be back. Oh yes, in about seven minutes - you'll be back.


Nanook said...


You know just the other day I was thinking about the last time I visited Woolite Rock and what a great time was had by all. After we left the rock, all of our sweaters had magically been 'safely soaked clean in three to five minutes.' It was the closest thing to a miracle I've experienced.

Thanks for the memory.

Chiana_Chat said...

Just like me, the Old Mark Twain keeps on rollin' round. You know it!

Speaking of rolling, the "existential" bit had me laughing. BTW, was it a holiday? I see the Old Mark Twain is decked (...) out with bunting - and it was nice of Liz (top, on our right) to doll up in a complimentary dress.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, scientists still can't explain the miracle of Woolite Rock. It is just below dark matter/dark energy as far as nature's mysteries go.

Chiana, since these are stamp-dated "August", the bunting is probably from July. Is "Liz" the one in the polka-dotted top? Or are those stars?

Melissa said...

Navigating around Woolite Rock takes some delicate sailing.