Friday, December 03, 2010

Tomorrowland, March 1958

Like most of Tomorrowland, I never seem to get tired of photos of the Autopia. At this point the kids are still driving their Mark III sports cars on the road without a guide rail. For some reason I am fascinated by the changing colors of certain vehicles (mostly the Skyway and the Autopia) since they reflect "fashionable" hues of the times. Here we see lots of blue and turquoise, with a few white and pale yellow thrown in. I like that lady's "umbrella hat" over to the left. Hey, what's that I see in the distance?

Well, it's barely visible, but there's the Viewliner. I'm always happy to see the Train of Tomorrow... unfortunately this lot of slides does not have a better view. Rats!

From the same batch comes this nice shot of the Flight Circle, with the TWA rocket and the Art Corner. The rocket looks especially huge from this angle, doesn't it?


Daveland said...

Those are some great shots today; especially the Flight Circle one!

Nancy said...

i always enjoy a trip to vintage Tomorrowland!

definitly too bad that is all the Viewliner they got, but since those photos are kinda rare, im happy to see it. maybe they even took a ride... ;D

JG said...

Of course that rocket looks real, I rode on it!! And kept the helmet.


CoxPilot said...

Great shot of the old flight circle pre-Cox era when WenMac ran the show. By the end of that summer, they would be gone, and Cox would move in. And, soon I would follow. Wonderful days!