Saturday, December 04, 2010

Random Knott's!

Here's a great early photo (1952) showing the load area for Stagecoach and a Conestoga Wagon ride. I didn't know Knott's had a covered wagon ride, but there it is, three years before Disneyland opened. You can see the Music Hall and the Bottle House as well.

Here's Maxine, Patty, and LaVerne (not their real names!) having a swell time in a different covered wagon (circa 1962); this one didn't go anywhere. Instead, it was part of a circle of wagons that surrounded the faux rock amphitheater where musicians performed. Lucky people could get a seat in one of the wagons.

Speaking of not going anywhere, this Indian remained floating in that pond for many years. He wasn't a "people person". I believe that this lovely reflecting pond is long gone, since reflecting ponds don't generate any money.


TokyoMagic! said...

It's amazing that the buildings in that first pic are still standing. I believe the pond is now a may actually be two rollercoasters (Silver Bullet and Jaguar?) I wonder if the figure in the boat was saved or tossed out?

Irene said...

Yup - they paved paradise and put up a rollercoaster. :(

SundayNight said...

Fantastic Knott's photos today. The top photo is particularly wonderful with its open grassy area and eucalyptus trees.

Chris Merritt said...

Love it.