Thursday, December 16, 2010

Around The Fair Again

I love this first photo taken inside Belgium's huge pavilion; somehow it has a cinematic quality. If it wasn't for the giant inflatable insect chrysalis just visible over the rooftops, one might be fooled into thinking that this was really a part of old Bruges. Unlike many other parts of the fair, these "old" buildings DO feel old, right down to the soot and filth (charming filth, that is). There are little vending machines to our right that dispensed "Money Of The World", which I would have loved as a kid.

Over at the fabulous Chrysler pavilion, there was the whimsical auto-animal "zoo". The 22 foot tall red fella was dubbed the "zookeeper" (which also happened to be my nickname when I was in professional wrestling); If you misbehave he will zap you with his deadly laser eyes. Guess which thingamajig is the porcupine? Go on, I'll wait. There was also a 12-foot mantis, a 7-foot frog, a Cthulu, and other critters - all made from car parts. (OK, ok, there wasn't a Cthulu).

It was a magical day at Sinclair Dinoland; the miracle of new life was witnessed as baby Brontos hatched from their leathery eggs. Imagine how they felt when they were told that Brontosauruses never existed? If I had a baby dinosaur I'd teach him tricks and feed him and take him to show and tell and we'd be best pals 4-ever. Notice the feathered, flying archaeopteryx, swooping swoopily. His call sounded like a car horn.

And finally, let's all enjoy yet another photo of the U.S. Royal Giant Tire Ferris Wheel. Hey, YOU over there, you're not enjoying it.


Chiana_Chat said...

Gosh I don't know which is neater, the adorable Dinos, the Royal Tire Ferris Wheel - cool job! - or the charming filth! All winners in my book. I have a strange book.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Sorry I'm not enjoying the Giant Tire Ferris Wheel (did ya have to yell at me - lol) its scares me.

But seeing baby brontos being hatched from their leathery eggs makes it all better.

Leave it to Chrysler to make auto-animal zoo - meanwhile GM's massive pavilion looms in the background.

Chuck said...

You know, I never tire of seeing photos of that Ferris wheel.

Connie Moreno said...

Gee, makes me wish I was there!

Katella Gate said...

*Sigh* I voted for Cthulu in the last election. I thought his slogan resonated: "Why settle for the lesser evil?" I guess I could see possibilities that America didn't.

The Belgian Potemkin Village: Unless those nooks and crannies all smell like fetid urine, it is NOT AUTHENTIC.

I always wanted an Archeopteryx as a kid. Talk about a lonely kid. ;)

JG said...

Re Belgium, what Katella Gate said.

That's another reason why California adventure fails, even my tiny nieces noticed there were no bums or garbage in the DCA San Francisco street.

Don't get me wrong, I like Belgium.


walterworld said...

I agree with Vintage Disneyland Tickets, seeing the GM structure tower over the odd/silly Chrysler kiddy park says it all.

Don't get me wrong, I love my 1965 Imperial Crown (true), but dang I wish they would have promoted themselves better...

I think that flight sculpture in the last pic to the right of the U.S. Royal Tire is still in situ.

Thanks for yet another in a long line of terrific posts!

Nancy said...

awesome as always.... :D