Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Main Street USA, April 1966

Today's post is a continuation of yesterday's!

After spending a few minutes of quality time with Mickey Mouse, we finally enter Disneyland proper. Town Square, it somehow feels like a real small town from yesteryear, not that I ever lived in one. But I do watch a lot of TV. Hey, here comes the Surrey!

I'll bet the parents insisted on stopping for a bite to eat. And we haven't even been on any rides yet! What a gyp. I wonder what these two are gazing at so intensely? Maybe the Disneyland Band was passing by. Anyway, here they are at the Hills Bros. coffee house. Steal a couple of menus for me, will ya?

Maybe they were looking at the Fire Truck! Looks like there are plenty of folks who want to ride. The paint near the running board has been worn by 800 gajillion feet

And no visit to Main Street would be complete without having your photo taken at the wheel of the Carnation truck.

There are lots more photos from this bunch, so stay tuned.


Jason Schultz said...

One tour exiting the train and it looks like another Tour Guide going on break in the first photo!

Thufer said...

After the parking lot, the Hills Bros. coffee house aka the Coffee Gardens; probably my favorite spot in the park. Many thanks for this jogging of wonderful memories.

Anonymous said...

What Thufer said. Thanks!!


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

I want to ride in the Black Surrey with those cool yellow wheels!

The detail on these are amazing, I'm going to do a before & after photo with the fire truck!

THANKS - these are yummy...

Chiana_Chat said...

Even better than the 1st bunch :) Classic Carnation wagon pic, I wanna hop in there after Chip is done!

Fire truck's passing the Army's Disneyland detail? Gosh and the truck even has an axe. Who will protect the children. I spy some benches that need occupying...

Neat seats at Hills Bros. I see they traded chicken wire for thin rope thru pole with eye. Y'know it may be overcast in these but they still look cheery. :)

Nancy said...

i want to have something to eat at the nice restaurant....oh so pretty!

i admit that im torn when we get into the park between jumping right on the train and going toward the castle down Main Street....oh, to have such a dilema! ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the not one, not two, but THREE Marines in uniform - and in Class As to boot! That definitely speaks of a different era.

I was stationed in the LA area in the early 90s, had annual passes, and was in the Park several times in uniform - most memorably being promoted in front of the Town Square flagpole on July 17th, 1995, with all of the 40th anniversary decorations in the background.

What was different from the era shown in this photo were the occasional eye-rolling looks, snide remarks and catcalls from other guests (usually teenagers) - "Oh, I bet he thinks HE'S cool," "Get a load of this guy,""Hey - G.I.Joe!", etc. To their credit, I also caught a lot of other guests giving the loudmouths withering stares and at least one parent chastising a child after an eye-rolling incident, but I can't imagine people having to do that very often in an era when Servicemen & Women weren't embarrassed to wear their uniforms in public and a sizeable chunk of Disneyland cast members were off-duty Marines from MCAS El Toro and MCAS Tustin.