Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New York World's Fair Yet Again

Here's a beautiful view taken in the Transportation Zone! Don't you wish you were there? The Ford pavilion would be behind us, and Avis' Antique Car Ride is just out of frame to the left. You can see the Chrysler pavilion to our right, and the green-cheese moon of the Transportation & Travel pavilion. The US Royal Tire Ferris Wheel is almost dead ahead, and the New York pavilion is just visible to the left of that.

I believe that this was taken from a pedestrian bridge that led to the Amusement Zone; we're looking back towards the massive General Motors building that held "Futurama", while to our right is the sorta-ugly back side of "Bourbon Street" (though it didn't look that great from the front either), part of the State and Federal area.

I love the Fair's AMF Monorail, one of those "loaf of bread" monorails that Bob Gurr referred to once. I'd much rather ride one of these if my other choice was a bus.


Viewliner Ltd. said...


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

In photo #1 - I want those light posts for my backyard, seriously, those are so cool!

Photo #3 (more cool light posts, different variations - neato!) Didn't the LA county fair (at Pomona) have a monorail kind of like that one or am I dreaming?

Major Pepperidge said...

VDT, I remember seeing a story online about some guy who has a bunch of those light posts just rusting away in his back yard, he won't sell them either.

And yes, the LA County Fair had a monorail, I have a photo of it on my April 14, 2007 post (don't know how to do links in the comments!).

Nancy said...

yep, after i get my Lowenbrau and a fresh pretzel, ill be taking a ride on the monorail!

these ones are so cool, remind me of the ones in "Fahrenheit 451", with the ladders that lower down to the ground...very sci-fi!!

VDT, i have long wanted one of these lamp posts myself...

great post today, Major! ;)

Chiana_Chat said...

Hey someone got the monorail upside down! :-p

Neat as always!