Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Tepeed, August 29 1965

While you were having fun at Disneyland - back in the good old days - you might actually learn something if you weren't careful! I think one can sense Walt's involvement here... part of his genuine enthusiasm regarding the frontier days of our country, and a respectful interest in Indian cultures.

It looks like they went to some lengths to make this tepee as authentic as possible... you can even see the individual "buffalo hides" used in its construction. Say, I wonder what that sign says?

You will be tested on this later, so pay attention! And spit out that gum since you didn't bring enough for the whole class. I put plastic flamingos on my lawn as trophies of war. Just sayin'.

The Woman's Realm... interesting that the women owned the tepees and the property. These are stereo slides, and on this one, the 3-D effect is especially nice!


Chiana_Chat said...

Well framed pics too. Did you mean to repeat the top pic? That teepee looks like we could be at home there. Beautiful, and the art on the signs is also fantastic.

Plastic flamingos! LOL

Andrew said...

Nice Tepee.

Ha, ha. You tricked me! I thought the test was to see the difference between the top two pictures. Or maybe you gave us both of the stereo slides?

But now I understand your flamingos!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

I'll put my gum behind my ear, no sense wasting perfectly good gum.

They let the Indian women own the Teepee's since they had to do everything!..

Great sign shots, wow! Thanks Major!

Anonymous said...

Nice views of long past attractions, thank you. Esp. the signs. I love those too. Is it my imagination that the later sign quality is lower?


Major Pepperidge said...

Chiana and Andrew, I have to confess that I was smoking crack when I composed this post. Time to fix it....

VDT, I used to store my gum behind my ear, but decided that it was sort of gross. Now I keep it in a nostril.

Anonymous, I think the second sign looks pretty good, although perhaps my scan is of a lesser quality!

Katella Gate said...

My biggest disappointment as a kid was that there was nothing inside the tipis. I was hoping for an Indian version of the Tiki Room or something...