Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jungle Cruise, May 1966

When sorting slides for this blog, Jungle Cruise images often go in the "don't scan" pile. Let's face it, they tend to be very much the same. Folks were on boats that provided the same views to pretty much everyone. BUT... once in a while I figure you won't mind looking at a few pictures from that legendary attraction.

I always like these shots of the launches disappearing into jungle... I can imagine the smell of the boat exhaust and the sounds of the loading dock that get swallowed up as you pass through this tunnel of greenery. That boat is full!

There's Schweitzer Falls... the folks in that boat just saw the back side of water. I wonder if it was amazing? We only see the front side from here.

The African Veldt... if I was a zebra or a giraffe or an antelope or a wildebeast, I wouldn't be standing around staring at those lions. I would be heading for ze hills! Look at the dopey expressions on those giraffes.


Chiana_Chat said...

How did you find a new "angle" for a backside of water comment? It's a gift I tell you.

I can feel the vibration of the motor in the boat gurgling too, can't you? Oh it was the burrito. Never mind.

That lion is wailing. Wailing and crying. One can only take so much, but the whole freakin jungle is ganging up on him , just staring, showing they're not afraid, trashing his Pride.

Katella Gate said...

All nice shots today, especially the first one where the jungle foliage is punctuated by colorful flowers at the top.

As a kid a always loved the slight drizzle and the skipper's joke suggesting it was monkey pee.

Caspian said...

>>That boat is full!

...And nattily dressed!

Nancy said...

such pretty pictures, esp number one...

i always find this ride especially enjoyable and it really does make you feel like you have gone into the wild ;)

thanks for Adventureland!

Anonymous said...

That was monkey pee?! Aack.

I always thought that first part of the ride was the best.


Connie Moreno said...

Ya! What Katella said! LOL...believe me, we don't tire of Jungle Cruise photos.

Anonymous said...

William Tritt (founder of Glaspar and the G-2 roadster) was the designer of these boats. Great to see such amazing photographs.