Thursday, March 11, 2010

Knott's Pitchur Gallery

Disneyland had its "Fun Photos", but Knott's Berry Farm was way ahead of them with the "Pitchur Gallery" (signs at Knott's were apparently provided by the kids from "Our Gang"). This scan is from an old guide book... undated but probably early-to-mid 1950's, giving us a rare glimpse of what the place looked like in color.

You never know, these two might have had grandparents who came out west on a prairie schooner just like this one.

This one is my favorite, mostly because of that pretty woman in the middle and her bemused expression. Love those '40's hairdo's!

It's about time George made an honest woman of Betsy.

"Waltz Me Around Again, Willie". Was that the name of a popular song? As you can see, this photo (and incidentally, the other three) are from the early days, when it was "Knott's Berry Place". I have no idea when the it changed from a place to a farm!


Chiana_Chat said...

Knotts I mean lots of fun here, and we're not even in these pictures! That "catty" one is just so 40s, mahvelous.

I say it changed for a place to a farm when they had no place to put any more diners and had to expand the place out into the farms.

But I also say Zip A Dee Doo Dah whether or not its socially approved, so take that for what you will... ;)

Chris Merritt said...

Classic Paul Swartz photo ops! Especially rare is his "three gossiping cats" one - very cool! swartz was the original art director of Ghost Town, and originally a caricaturist by trade...

Chris Merritt said...

Hmmm - I'll have to adjust my timeline - I noticed the last pic is © P. Swartz 1941 - but I have him & Gus Thornrose opening the Pitchur Gallery in Jan. 1942. D'oh!

The Viewliner Limited said...

These are great Major. I am with you on the 1940's Hairdo's. The ladies of the 40's are always a favorite of mine. STYLE BABY!

Katella Gate said...

These "face through the hole" pictures are the best I've seen, both for the art and the faces themselves.

Yes, "Waltz Me Around Again, Willie" was a popular song in 1906, when everybody here in these photos was young.

I think there is an irony in that we get nostalgic for the 50's and early 60's in the same way that Walt and the crew seen here got nostalgic for the 1910's. Today's Tomorrowland is yesterday's Main Street.

Billy Murry will sing me out while you talk amongst yourselves.

Nancy said...

these are great! ;)