Sunday, October 30, 2016

Disneyland Hotel Pool & the Matterhorn

Howsabout two random photos, chosen randomly from a random hat by two random passing strangers wearing random clothing? Well that's what you're gonna get today, by cracky. 

Here's a view looking at one of the Disneyland Hotel swimming pools (circa 1965). You might notice the slightly weird color, so I might as well admit that I had to adjust this one from its original ruddy tone. It looks afternoon-ish, but might have in fact been taken in the morning, which could explain why there is not a single person in sight. Or it might be deserted because it is February. Even in moderate SoCal, it can be a little too chilly for a post-park swim. 

You've probably seen similar views of the Matterhorn in days of yore; the motion-blurred foreground shows that we are on a moving vehicle - the Disneyland railroad, to be specific. Beyond the striped fence (I believe) is the "Never-never land" area of Storybook Land, where boats could be pulled off of the line for service. It looks like the fence could open to allow truck access if need be. 


Scott Lane said...

In that first picture we're looking roughly north so that indeed is the afternoon sun.

Chuck said...

Agreed. I'm going to guess it's just too cold for a swim. Or maybe it was closed. Could this be a Monday or Tuesday in the off season? That could explain why the photographer was hiding in the bushes.

Unknown said...

Nice Id of the maintenance building there in Never-never Land. I can only add that the blurred scalloped-topped fencing in the foreground is part of the Fantasyland Station platform.

Melissa said...

Random clothing looks best with random hats. You know, I usually comment on the people watching stuff, but I also really enjoy these "still life" type shots.

Major Pepperidge said...

Scott Lane, thanks for the info, I had no idea which direction the photographer was facing!

Chuck, now that you mention it, I wonder if bookings at the Disneyland Hotel plummeted on the days that the park was closed. It seems as if it would have!

Patrick Devlin, oh yeah, I didn’t notice the distinctive decorative trim that you only saw at Fantasyland Station.

Melissa, I recently scanned a photo for my friend “Mr. X”, and he bemoaned the number of people in the shot. I told him that they were the best part of the picture!

Anonymous said...

The pool pic is worthy of David Hockney.

I'm going to go change one sock now.


walterworld said...

I stayed at the Disneyland Hotel on Mon/Tues a couple of times with my dad on convention and it was indeed a tad less hopping. I had to spend the whole day schlepping at the pools and video arcades...sigh :D