Monday, August 29, 2016

More EPCOT Model Photos!

Here is the third installment of some cool photos of models built for EPCOT, courtesy of Mike Devlin!

The first three images are of the United Kingdom Pavilion. Mike says, "Of all the pavilions we modeled, this was, at the time, the least developed, so very little detail existed. At one point, an English-style train station was intended for the rear area, but it never materialized". 

As was typical of most of these models, this one is done in shades of gray to better show off the forms and layouts. I like to think of it as a "zombie world"! Closest to us is what appears to be buildings that resemble old English shops, or perhaps a pub, while in the background you've got a miniature "Downton Abbey"! Tiny dramas were happening inside.

I don't even care what else the U.K. pavilion has - there's a gazebo, and that's enough for me. But it might not be enough for you, which is OK, because there is a small park (complete with statue... was it based on a real sculpture?), a charming, winding street, and several other buildings that I assume held shops or eateries, since rides were practically nonexistent in World Showcase.

Having never been to Florida, I have no idea if this resembles the final U.K. pavilion at all. Maybe one of you can tell me. I guess I always assumed that the pavilions were mostly right along the water, and did not know that they meandered back as far as this model does. 

Hey, look, there's a houseboat, in the world's shortest canal! 

This next photo is the only one that is from "Future World" rather than World Showcase. Mike says, "The photo... is an early version of the Journey Into Imagination building. "...this model was assembled and taken apart a couple times (the reason for the mismatched seams in several places)." I remember reading that Tony Baxter was very inspired by the idea of buildings with crystalline forms, and this one seems to back that up.

Stay tuned for more EPCOT models!


Nanook said...


These models look pretty accurate to me. That's the Rose & Crown Pub and Dining Room in the first image. And the gazebo is very much alive today. You need to get yourself down to EPCOT and mosey-around for yourself.

Thanks, Major.

Nancy said...

I agree with Nanook.....EPCOT is the best!! :)

These views are so nice. Wonder where these models are now; hope they are in someone's collection somewhere.

Thanks again to Mike for sharing them.

Anonymous said...

Re comments in the previous Epcot model post: All these models were built to a scale of 1/8" = 1 foot, and yes, all these models became part of the giant 50 foot square model of Epcot.

Melissa said...

Yes, these models do look close to the final product. It's eerie seeing them all colorless and without the lush real-life foliage!

David Zacher said...

I first visited DL in 1955-56 time frame and loved it! Since 1971 I have vowed to visit WDW but somehow, 45 years later, I never have. It may eventually be in a scooter (watch your heels!) but I will get there. These models are fantastic! Thanks, Mike.


Chuck said...

I am going to have to disagree with Nanook. While there is a gazebo in that location today, it isn't actually alive. The acts that perform there are, though. Mostly.

EPCOZ seems like it would be the perfect East Coast counterpart to Disneyland of the Damned, sort of a "permanent World's Nightmare."

Loving this series of models! Thanks again for sharing, Mike - and for your part in helping bring us the 1:1 scale version!

Nanook said...

@ Chuck-

At my last visit to Epcot Center, you wouldn't believe some of the things that "innocent" gazebo was doing...

Chuck said...

Hmmm...Maybe this EPCOZ thing is more real than I thought...

Patrick Devlin said...

Always cool to see models of, well, anything!

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I have heard of the Rose and Crown. As for EPCOT, I have mixed feelings. It looks like it was so great in the early years, but now so much is gone. I wish I could have seen Horizons, World of Motion, the original Journey into Imagination, etc.

Nancy, it sure seems like more people go there to eat (the Food and Wine festival) than for anything else, but maybe I’m mistaken? Is it really more than some themed restaurants and shops?

Anonymous, while I’ve seen photos of the giant model of EPCOT, I have no idea if that model still exists.

Melissa, interesting; although I was kind of hoping that these early concepts might be wildly different from the finished products - that’s interesting too.

David Zacher, ha ha, maybe you can still do one of those Segway tours (do they offer those anymore?) rather than a scooter.

Chuck, you know how Nanook likes to get all poetic! He can’t help it. I am building a 1:1 scale model of Epcot entirely out of foam core and paper.

Nanook, it’s time to make that Epcot gazebo horror movie that we’ve all been waiting for.

Chuck, er, em, EPCOZ?

Patrick Devlin, what about a model of a slug? A slimy, disgusting slug? And what if it was five feet long? Come to think of it, that WOULD be cool.

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

On my last WDW trip, we went to the Rose and Crown for my sister's birthday lunch before seeing the Candlelight Processional. It was a lovely meal, and the young British CM's were really nice. Our waitress was a Yorkshire lass, but most of the others were from Northern Ireland. Because it was a birthday they all signed a souvenir menu for us. The chef used a stencil to make little Union Jacks with cocoa powder on our dessert plates.

Nanook said...

@ Melissa-

My last trip to WDW was in November, 2012 - and I believe you were there at the same time-? (Actually I was there beginning on the Saturday following Thanksgiving).

Melissa said...

Yep, we were there at the same time and the place didn't even burn down!

Chuck said...

Major, EPCOZ - Experimental Prototype Community of Zombies, or what might have happened when Walt's late-life dreams of a high-tech future met Walt's late-life obsessions with immortality (as alleged by several, poorly-respected "biographers").

Nanook said...

@ Melissa-

Just think of the angst (or perchance excitement) we could've caused had we met-up-!

Dean Finder said...

The actual Great Britain pavilion is very close to that model. The canal section is still there, but with no gates for the locks. I'm not sure if the boat was ever there.

The Imagination Pavilion greenhouses were supposedly based on the shape of crystals of silver halide, which makes a lot of sense considering Kodak was the sponsor. Though there was no walkway on the outside. It housed the legendary Image Works attraction, now it houses a lounge for DVC members.

Melissa said...

EPCOZ - Experimental Prototype Community of Zombies, or what might have happened when Walt's late-life dreams of a high-tech future met Walt's late-life obsessions with immortality

It also describes the great horde of moaning bodies shuffling toward the buses at the end of a night of "drinking around the world."