Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Frontierland at Sunset, November 1960

When I first held this slide up to the light, I thought, "Oh man! This one is way too dark". But I scanned it anyway, and now I think it looks pretty neat! The very low sun gleams off of the Mark Twain's pilot house, and the angled light just catches the edges of Cascade Peak and its waterfalls. Very nice! In just minutes the sun will be gone, and the sky will go from pink to violet, and finally to deep indigo, and all of the parks twinkling lights will turn on.

This one is a whole lotta darkness, but was clearly taken at about the same time; the settler's cabin really looks like it is blazing! The dead settler's pink shirt really "pops" in the photo, too.


Chuck said...

I love the sunlight coming through the waterfalls in that first one. Beautiful shot. Made my morning (so far).

K. Martinez said...

At first glance these don't look so good, but once clicked open to enlarge, they're beautiful. Love how the sunlight illuminates parts of Cascade Peak and provides a semi-silhouette of the Mark Twain's stacks.

Nice post today. Thanks, Major.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Sans the guys head in front of the cameraman the first one is near postcard perfect.

Melissa said...

Oh, wow! Very dramatic, both of them!

Major Pepperidge said...

Chuck, that is one of my favorite details!

K. Martinez, it’s funny how just the angle on the sunlight can make photos look so different from the usual examples.

Alonzo, I know, that stupid head! Ha ha.

Melissa, you said it!